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Sunday, August 31, 2008

I'll tell a story when I am free..but now is crap time

Hi Hi Bubbly Shiny Stuff!!!

Happy Belated Merdeka!!!

LOOOK over there...its a Jalur Gemilang!
Did I tell you that I might be grounded!!!
Because I didn't answer my mother two seconds after she called me!!!
Seriously!!! It was TWO seconds..
Even my brother agrees that my disease (mad cow) might be spreading to my mother
She has been shunning my family for two days now!!
and our birthday is this friday!!
My mother and I share the same birthday...
Oh ya...Sorry Rou En if you recieve your present late. Hope you won't mind!!!
Test is coming soon and I am still not in The Mood ...to study that is
What I need is a rival and a Study Buddy!!!
Any Volunteers??!!
Got to go now...
BEE, this is how I sign of...Watch Closely
GOT IT!!!!
GET IT !!!!

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Saturday, August 30, 2008

I like Pie :D

Thank you JJ, and Yau. For teaching me how to use this crappy thingy because I'm utterly useless. HAHA. Look Cheryl. You have something new :3

Yau's new nickname shall be SMARTAY. Because I like it, and well she helped me with this dumb thingy.

Kay, nothing else.

Gonna end it like Cheryl. So it looks like her post. Though my title probably threw everything off...



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Thursday, August 28, 2008


CHERYL ANNE!! I love myself. I love Christine too. Sparkles! Cheryl is very sad. Cheryl made a very obvious mistake in Sejarah storytelling today :(

Boo Hoo

But Cheryl is HAPPY AGAIN because...

Okay fine. This is Bee. Did I sound like Cheryl? I bet not. HI CHERYL!! I'm just messing around. Feel free to delete this nonsensical post if you want XD

Learn to be original. (Pfft, as if I have the right to say that XD)

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cheryl Anne's tips on STUDYING SEJARAH !!!

Hi there my smiley-faced people...

Maybe I am just perasan but I think quite a few people have asked me

" Hey, how do you get so high for sejarah!!?? Its so hard and annoying. I hate it!! Sejarah sucks "

First of all, I would like to say that SEJARAH DOESN'T SUCK!!! Ok maybe Malaysian history is kinda useless and the text book writers also lie alot for example

The Suez Canal was built so that the British could take over Egypt...Our dumb book said they built it to come to South East Asia and take Malaysia ( perasan shit writers )

Anyway, back to the point... TIPS

1. Use a HIGHLIGHTER when reading from the text book
2. Don't use those dumb reference books
only things from the TEXT BOOK will come out
3. Write your own NOTES
4. Don't have the this-is-not-important-it-won't-come-out attitude
everything in the text book is important especialy the
5. Do STORY-TELLING with your friends (or talk to yourself )
6. READ OUT LOUD and REPEAT FACTS using your own method
( make a song or just joke about it with friends trust me you'll never forget)
7. Do EXERCISES and don't refer to the text book until you have marked it
I will tell you people a story tomorrow..stay tuned

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Uuummumuum eemmiiioom

Hi sparkles....

Oh oh today for the first time ever
Jeet called me up and I got the question CORRECT!!!!
for the first time ever!! big deal, right??

That is proof that not talking makes you smarter!!! It makes you more genius-ish

In case you didn't see what I did today...ok I'll start from the top...just for you

Cheryl : Oooooh look Bee has musking tape
Bee : Oh lets put it on Cheryl's mouth so she can't talk
Bee : Hey anyone got pen??? *takes out pen and draws on the tape which is on Cheryl's mouth*
Cheryl : Umuumum uuum
Yau : Write ' ssshhhhhhh'
JJ : No no no come give me the pen * draws a mouth and fangs and teeth*
Cheryl : Uhhhuuumuuuhm * muffled laugh *
JJ : Cheryl stop laughing!!!!! Cheryl stop moving!!! Don't laugh!!!
Christine : What coloured teeth do you want???
Bee : Make them colourful
Yau : Jeets here..Come we must show Jeet
Everybody : Hahahaha
Yau : Teacher, look now Cheryl can't talk
Jeet : Hahaha
Yau : Is it morning or afternoon???
Yau : Good morning Pn Sarinder
Cheryl : Uuud muunnn Uun Uwinda
Jeet : Give me the tape so if she talks I can put more
Yau : Hahaha here teacher
Jeet : I can still hear Cheryl talking
Cheryl : Uuuum uum oom
Everybody : Hahahahaha
Too lazy to type!!!!!
Sorry to all the people I annoyed today especially Rou En..I kept asking for calculator.
I bet even more annoying than usual wasn't I
Oh and Norehan got nicer

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Notice something different about this post??

Hello my bubbly lively joyful friends!!!!!

Remember I promised to blog about the ex-COOKEHS and some others..
yah I am going to...but first..

I am going to jibber-jabber...
Thats just what i do...

Today I found out that Rou En is a SEPTEMBER baby!!!!!
just like Cheryl Anne!!!!

My birthday is 5th September hers is on the 2nd...

We rock don't we...thats cuz were born in September
She is also a Virgo!!!

Did I tell you I might be grounded for months???

Went to 1u the other day and watched a movie....my mother thinks I lied about watching the movie so I wouldn't have to call her every hour...

According to her, Chee Earn's mothers friend saw Chee Earn walking around in 1u..
and at that time I was supposed to be at the cinema...

That lady needs glasses...
I mean SERIOUSLY...do you think I am conniving and smart enough to think of that!!

so she wants to ground me.....
she won't let me celebrate my birthday!!!! *cry*

About my birthday, ( talking to my friends...enemies don't need to read this) would you sparkles prefer....

- Pool party with no guys
- Dinner at somewhere
- Picnic at some beautiful magical looking park
- Go to 1u and do random stuff ( like last year )..........I'll buy you guys lunch or tea or brekfast or
dinner or supper


Cheryl Likes Presents...
so you know what to do *winks*

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Friday, August 22, 2008

Back to Diary Mode...

Hey there all you Magical ones...

Hmmmm.. what did I do today???
I would say today was pretty ordinary....

I went to 1 Utama with Chee Earn....
We watched a gay dumb stupid movie called La Lingerie...
I'd give it 3/10

We left about an hour after the movie which was 2 hours long...
We tried on clothes and went window shopping....

I was supposed to go for tennis but it rained so I went to Pick n Brew for tea
I'd rate it 7/10...( reasonable price + delicious food )
For dinner we went to a quaint little Japanese restaurant called Hokano
I was rather satisfied with the place....
good value for money...I'd definitely go back some day.
Oh and I give them a 8/10

Nothing to blog about....

I am left with no choice but to blog about wbat I eat..



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Slightly Emo Post

Hey Magical friends....

You people obviously don't read my posts or just don't follow instructions or just don't like answering my questions......

Anyway, Cheryl Anne is feeling slighty sad....( caused by various reasons )

Reason 1 : My mother is going to Australia for the whole year end holiday..
which means I will be spending Christmas without her...

Reason 2 : School Holidays are ending which means I have to look at JEET's face and
NOREHAN...aaahhh my eyes

Reason 3 : For some reason I am feeling very worthless and lonely..
As if my friends aren't there for me....
I keep on thinking of who would visit me if I was sick in a hospital and who wouldn't

Who would actually come because the cared....
and who would come for fun or because they are trying to suck up...

and many more but I don't want to torture you.....

Oh and for some reason I tend to make myself sadder by listening to depressing music...

Its the MAD COW!!!


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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Specially for Bee..

Hey there Magical People...

Did all you sparkles like me blogging in diary style or random crap style ( Vivaldi )??
( pls answer me )

Anyway I have dedicated this to my good friend Abigail aka Bee

I Love Winnie the Pooh and all his friends in the Hundred-Acre Wood too...
except Christopher Robin..

I think he looks gay...
I remember my mother laughing at me when I thaught he was a girl...\

Cheryl: What is Christopher Robin doing?? Why is she doing that?? she is so silly.

Mother: Hahaha Silly Cheryl...Christopher Robin is a boy..Why would a girl be called

Notice there are no pictures of Christopher Robin...



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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Vaaahhhh...Bored but still happy!!

Hey Sparkles....I mean Magical people...

How have your school holidays been so far???
Its been so-so for me...and I am going to treat my blog as a diary until I get inspired..

Today Cheryl went for her practical exam...

Her playing was not to bad...her hearing was GOOD ( not self proclaimed...the examiner said so ) but sight reading and improvisation was horrible...with a capital H....( probably a C or D ).

After that my mum decided to take my brother that I love alot and I to Dessert's Bar

In my oppinion the place was not bad...
I would give it a 5/10

We had
- strawberry crepe
- pear and kiwi smoothie
- mango and pineapple smoothie
- waffles with ice-cream

I still prefer Chocolate Lounge which gets a rating of 7/10
although Dessert's Bar is cheaper..( RM 10 for a smoothie )

On second thought.. the price is about the same because the servings at Chocolate Lounge are bigger...

Can't friggin put photos...


I take that back don't die....fix yourself instead..


Going to go continue listening to VIVALDI...
and my latest obsession JOHANN STRAUSS...

I will blog about STRAUSS tomorrow if I have time..
and I will post the pics if the computer becomes healthy..
Wait!!! computer is working again....
Chocolate Lounge


Dessert's Bar


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Monday, August 18, 2008

Another lame post.....

Hey there Magical ones...

I thought the holidays would be extremely fun...

But so far it has been rather dissapointing....
not even half as fun as I thought it would be....


I woke up early for my Theory Exam....

Then I had music class...For practicle ( which is tomorrow )

I think I can get distinction!!!
because I ....am Cheryl Anne!!


Afterthat I went for lunch at Sakae Sushi
I had........... eeeerrrr sushi....

then I went home.

and lied down on my bed ....

.....30 minutes later....

I got so bored so I decided to listen to music, close my eyes, and find out what musics fills my mind with...
For some apparent reason...
I thought of the colour red...

I changed the song and it was still at red..


I thought of
- a forest with beautiful red flowers growing all over the place...
- dancing in a long red dress
- a piece of silk which was red in colour...

red tulips

red roses

Just in case you are a dumbell who can't tell when I am fooling around like someone I know...
I was joking about getting a distinction...

Cheryl Anne is not that fantastic...

But if you think she is I won't argue with you....

Cheryl Anne

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Four Seasons

Hey Magical sparkles...

Today was Christine's birthday celebration so we went to 1 Utama to celebrate...

While we were having lunch, Mallek looked at my ipod and commented that it was filled with classical and orchestral music...
He commented in a look-at-this-stupid-mad-cow-what-is-wrong-with-her tone...

I didn't really bother but instead I got inspired to blog about The Four Seasons( feel free to go to another page because it will probably be so boring that you want to pull out your eyeballs)

The Four Seasons
Antonio Vivaldi

Antonio Vivaldi was a Venetian priest, Baroque music composer
as well as a famous violinist.

Vivaldi's finest masterpiece would definitely be
The Four Seasons
which is a set of 4 violin concertos.

The four concertos are known as
Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Each consisting of 3 movements
with a slow movement between two faster ones.

The 4 concertos were composed in 1723
and were finally published in 1725.

Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter
were written to go along with four sonnets.
It is not known who wrote the sonnets
but some say it was Vivaldi himself.
The Four Seasons
is still very famous
and has been performed by many famous violinist
all over the world
Thanks for reading...I am proud you actually got this far
Cheryl Anne

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Christine!!!

Hi Magical Friends
and before I forget .....

Happy Birthday Christine!!!

Christine and Mad Cows

Today I got to ponteng school...because I wasn't healthy


I didn't get to sing Tanggal 31...
and now I have to eat all the cupcakes I made for the Dimwit ( Christine)

Anyway, while you were celebrating Independence Day and singing all the lovely songs....

- I drank universal solvent aka h20 aka water...
- I practiced for my music exam
- I studied Italian terms ( Allegro means fast and lively)
- I walked around in panties
- I watched Gossip Girl
- I blogged

Oh oh and I have identified my favourite character in Gossip Girl....

I know everyone likes Nate (Chace Crawford)..
I like him too..I think he is hot..

But... my favourite person is Chuck Bass...

The asshole who goes around torturing people on purpose...
and thinks he can pass interviews by saying "I am Chuck Bass"

I think we have alot in common....

which is a bad thing

anyway..I am going to continue being bored and stop making you bored...

Cheryl Anne

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Everyone should be treated equally

Hey magical people..

I am sure you heard about China's attempt to fool all of us by using a video to fake the fireworks and letting the pretty girl lip-synch.

I mean seriously... Ugly people shouldn't be discriminated.

Everyone should be treted equally weather they are ugly or pretty or black or white or smart or dumb or sound nice or have an annoying voice....

I find that all of us tend to judge people based on whats on the outside

Ok.. maybe only I do it
I just go around disliking people for stupid reasons.

....like if I am in a bad mood I would get even angrier if I see an ugly person or if I hear someone with an annoying voice ( Pn. Norehan) start talking...
Then I would say.."Gaaahh I hate that b*tch even if she didn't do anything...

I am also more likely to be nice to a beautiful person compared to an ugly one...

If Keng Han was hot I'd probably be a little nicer to him..

So Magical People,

From now on, I Cheryl Anne
promise not to hate people just because of
- soemeones voice or tone
- someones skin colour
- someones geniusness level
- someones hotness
- blablabla
I am going to stop judging people..
( it probably won't work but I'll try my best)
I would have loved China if they let the real singer perform because that shows that they love all thier people equally..
I hope the Mad Cow that made the pretty girl perform insted will become very ugly ..

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Moooo!!! ( beware!! boring post ahead)

Hey there magical people..

Eeerr I don't know why I started with the sound of a cow..

Has anyone ever heard a pig say 'OINK"

If you ask CHERYL ANNE.. she would say that


They do not oink.

Besides, oinking is just a dumb thing to do.

I am soooooo BORED.

Oh, I have decided to sit in front during history from now on because
- I want to make peace with that annoying-I-think-I-am-smarter-than-the-text-book-writer..
The One and Only.. PUAN NOREHAN
- Mallek says that I will go to the second class if I get a B for behaviour
- I want to be good


Someone please tag me or something.

By the way ..

Congratulations to the 100th visitor to
A Land of Sweets and Joy...
Leave me a chat thinggy or something so I know who you are..
( I hope you don't think dumb self lover just because I say my name alot)

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Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Beijing Olympics

Hey Magical People...
I know what to blog about... I am going to blog about the

Opening Ceremony of the Beijing Olympics

It was the best opening ever...

For the first time ever...
- A new stadium was built just for the Olympics
- A new stadium was built built just for the swimming event
- The Olypics logo was formed in the sky
- The torch went up the magical mountain, Mount Everest

I am sure all you magical people watched the opening.

The performances were simply spectacular....
and so were the fireworks....

There were acrobats doing flips and dancing around on a giant globe....

A performance by China's leading pianist, Lang Lang who was accompanied by some small little girl...

There was a girl flying through the sky....

I know she had a harnass on but I takes guts to fly across the very large stadium with billions watching you...not many are brave enough...

and then there was the performance by the drummers...

The whole ceremony was simply MAGICAL and sparkly

( sparkle sparkle.....SPARKLE!!!!)




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I hope you DIE!!!

Hey magical creatures...

By the way, I wasn't talking to you I was talking to blog titles (refer to title)..
I don't think you thought I was anyway because you are magical and not perasan...right??

Anyway...today, I have decided to blog about....eeerrrr POOP..

Change off plans.. oh gawd I spelt of wrongly..
What is wrong with me..
I am going to blog about...........
Gahhh nothing to blog about..
I'll just jibber jabber until my brain which has an amazingly large capacity thinks of something..

Oh.. today I my mum let me skip school *clap hands and say vaaah*
Vahh is a dumb word

So I made pancakes for breakfast..
It turned out quite well.. We ate them with orange marmalade.
Then I made instant noodles for lunch and burnt my hand..
But I was quick to act..
I immediately put my hand under running water. Then rubbed some ice on it.
Then I watched Gossip Girl ..
Gossip girl has made it to my list of favourite tv shows...

Cheryl's Favourite TV shows

House M.D.

Desperate Housewives

Ugly Betty

Gossip Girl

Grey's Anatomy

Still don't know what to blog about........
Going to poop

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Thursday, August 7, 2008

POOPY test are for POOPY people...

Hey magical friends....
Plese do not be offended by the title...

Anyway... POOPY people are actually there is only 1 POOPY person so ...blablabla


But before I talk about that I will tell you about the test.

On Wednesday we had Mathematics and History.

Mallek, Jeremy, Christine and I were supposed to team up and copy using the calculator and totally neglect the test...
But Mallek and Jeremy decided to study....

I wanted to study but Christine the dumbbell took my book away...

Anyway... I would like to put an end to discrimination....

Yesterday during Math Pn. Gay-rinderjeet made Christine, Mallek and I sit in front..

And today Hazura did the same thing...

I know I talk alot but .............................I have nothing to say.

Back to Keng Han...

In front of the whole class and Hazura, He says

KH : Saya tak mahu duduk dengan dia...Saya benci...BENCI

Hazura: Ehh

CHERYL ANNE THE MAGNIFICENT : What...I didn't even do anythaing.. and thats not the
way to treat your classmate

Hazura : Ok-lah Keng Han kamu pergi duduk di situ...

I mean seriously thats not the way to treat me... I didn't even do anything to that Gay piece of poop..who thinks I want to copy him in this poop test...



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Sunday, August 3, 2008

What is wrong with this crackerish computer.....why can;t I leave lines

Hey magical people....
I don't know why the last post was all squished up...I tried to leave lines but it became squished..

Anyway I am doing another tag...

Name 5 people to do this survey
- Yau
- JJ
- Charlie
- Poop
- Gay fag

Answer these questions honestly
[ACT 1 ]

1. Are you allowed to have a bf/gf ?
I don't know...I never asked. but I had one an I am still alive now...

2. Describe yourself in one word.

3. Who would you pick , someone who really loves you, or the one you love?
the one that loves CHERYL ANNE...
(people like that are very very rare they most likely suffer from Mad Cow)

4 . Have you ever loved someone BEFORE but never had the courage to tell him/her?
Yup...I love Charlie but I can't tell him because I don't know where he is.

5. Does it feel good to love?
I guess so...I have mad cow

6. God is giving u just 5 more minutes to live, IF you love someone special what will you say to
that person?
I like being spontaneous...so I don't want to plan it..
But it will probably be Jibber jabber...

btw I am not spontaneous at all... I was just jabbering

7. What will you say to someone who doesn't want to believe you?
Go ahead you fugu-ish dumbell don't belive Cheryl Anne... you know what, I will be
laughing at you when you find out that CHERYL ANNE was actually right...
* nodding and putting on my snobbish face*

8. Was ever a time that you tried to learn to love someone?
Yup...I convinced myself at first but it failed in the end...

9.What's your opinion about someone who's jealous?
They have Mad Cow and are cracker-ishly fugu-ish

10.What can you say about playboys/playgirls?
Playing others is BAD..I hope you get played one day so I can laugh at you... hahaha

[ACT 2]

1. Best place to cry ?
I don't cry... Crying is for weak people
unless it is for a real reason like if someone died ( no offence to those who cry alot)

2. Who do you love the most?

3. Tell us your dream last night?
I went to my primary school to help my mothers' friend's son who was taking part in a
public speaking contest. I was supposed to be his makeup artist as he hd some scars on his
face...i was supposed to find him at room 001..I know this is very stupid because rooms in
schools don't have numbers. anyway, instead of checking the first froom on the first floor, I
went straight upstairs. There was a guy there in a blue t-shirt holding a padlock....
He said he wanted to crush my wrist by padlocking it. I just walked away....
Someone told me that 001 was the first class on the first floor so I went downstairs but
Mr padlock was there.. he was wearing a red t-shirt this time and looked like Timothy Teh
My father came to the rescue.. Mr Padlock took out a blade and played with it. My father
snatched it and threw it down onto the field.. Since they were arguing I decided to escape.
I crept down the stars end ran across the field.......but Mr Padlock just jumped off the building,
picked up his knife and chased me....
I ran as fast as my legs could carry me I screamed for help. Then suddenly...............................
..........................................I Woke Up.....

4. Ever hated someone so bad?
Ya ... I am pretty hateful...I am bitchy too..and I am not proud of that

5. The biggest & most hurtful lie you heard?
That Cheryl Anne is stupid....


~ Had a beer with ?
My Godfather..

~ Went to the movies with ?
Charlie.. I wish

~ Talked on the cell phone with ?

~ You hugged?
CHERYL ANNE....I hug myself when it is cold

~ You yelled at ?
2 mataharians.... asking them to hand up the gay green science book


~ Kissed someone ?

~ Sing/Sang/Sung ?
The battle and Candy Mountain

~ Danced crazy?
I don't do crazy things......Do i ??

1. Think of the last time you were angry, why were you angry ?
Just now... My mum forced me to eat ice cream..
I mean seriously... Ice cream isn't even good for me... ( it causes diabetes)

2. You will die in 3 mins. Last call?
my phone...so I can hear my voice
The sound of Cheryl soothes me.

3. If you could do anything OR wish anything, wad would it be?
I could turn back or go forward in time whenever I want to...

4. Would you or have you ever blackmailed someone?
Of course.... Just ask Christine and Mallek...
I do it all the time... ( they're just so bullyable)

5. Are you old fashioned?
I think so....

6. What would be harder for you, to tell someone you love them or that you do not love them
I love them...
I feel weak telling people that I love them....................
Don't blame me..... blame MAD COW

7. What things would be the hardest thing for you to give up on?
Talking .....
TALKING MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND....without it, it would go SQUARE...

(notice that it is in bold this time??? syok sendiri)

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