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Friday, October 23, 2009

Le Meridien

Situated right in the centre of Kuala Lumpur, I expected Le Meridien to be some boring city hotel with a pool you might mistake for a bath tub..

Fortunately, I was wrong

Coconut trees in the middle of Kuala Lumpur? What happened to tanih beris?

And caves in KL???

Anyway, checked in at noon then had lunch at Latest Recipe, the coffee house. We helped ourselves to a wide selection of Japanese, Italian and Indian delights prepared a la minute.

You know how I'm always blabbering about how I feel a rush of happiness whenever someone smiles and treats me properly. Well that day, I was more than happy.The service there is impeccable. Apart from the chefs who smiled at us warmly, the waitress greeted my mother by name instead of the usual 'maam '..

Just in case you want to experience bad service, feel free to go to Essence at Sheraton Imperial.. Firstly, the waitress gave away our table because she was too cowardly to shoo away the 'ang moh' who probably sat there unaware that it was reserved. Instead of giving us another table for three, the idiot gave us a table for six!! She also took 10 minutes to pour a glass of water.

After lunch, and several inches wider, we went swimming in the large and uniquely shaped pool..

Swimming brings out the best in people. Even my usually grumpy and formidable looking mother had a smile on her face and was willing to pose for a picture.

Spot the similarities....

Nothing, not even the bad weather the next day could mar my joyous spirit..Ahhh what fun I had going on the slide and spalshing around like a little kid.

Tip for people going on slides, NEVER let anyone pull your hair while you are sliding down.. My brother and I decided to go down together but I somehow slipped and started sliding down..

"Wait, Cheryl !!", he called...

" Ahh nevermind we can try your stunt later", I said as I slid down due to Newton's law of Gravity..

"No" * grabs on to the part of me nearest to him, in this case, my hair*

Hmm.. maybe the slides weren't that fun after all

The next day, daddy and I walked over to Hilton to buy some breakfast from the bakery..

Macadamia Chocolate, Chocolate Chip and Blueberry.. Yummy but overpriced ( Rm 8 per piece)

We sat we sat by the window overlooking the palatial Muzium Negara, the romantic parkland, Taman Tasik Perdana and if you look from an angle, The KL tower standing proud and mighty in the heart of the city.

We got a tiramisu cake, complimentary of Starwood Priviliges

Just wondering..

The cake and most of the desserts at the buffet clearly contain alcohol but the restaurent is supposedly halal..Alcohol isn't halal, is it? And what happens if a muslim eats one of the desserts..Is he/she commiting a sin or are they allowed to sice they aren't actually aware that they are conssuming alcohol?


Cheryl Anne

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Thursday, October 22, 2009


I was sitting comfortably in class reading Harry Potter ( the new 'in' thing) totally oblivious to Norhayati's soporific voice when suddenly I hear a different voice.. "Those who are interested in joining choir..go to the bilik geografi now", Syann-Ee announces. Christine and I immediately jumped out of our seats and excused ourselves from Pn Clashing-color's class... Along with our "rombongan merdeka" we skipped through the corridors of SMK Bud4 with a look of pure joy plastered on our faces. We finally reached the room and plopped our big buttocks on the chairs provided.

While sitting there, I started reminiscing about the magical experience I had during choir.....About a year ago, Tyne and I decided auditioned for choir as an excuse to miss Jeet's slumber partay. I surprisingly got through the audition despite the awkward "blek" while I was singing scales.

Looking back..I cannot imagine how incredulously idiotic I must have looked when I started to hyperventilate when the teacher announced that I wasn't kicked out ( Pn gan tends to go a bit overboard when recruiting members. there are 60+ members in the team when only 35 are needed). Luckily Christine who was as pleasantly surprised as I was started shedding tears of joy which stole all the attention from my ridiculous hyperventilating.

We performed Tanah Airku and The Phantom of the Opera which we had practised till it was nothing short of perfect..Then we sat there watching other teams imitate those bobby-head figurines you can get at souvenir shops ( you should have seen the team which sang mamma mia!)

Finally, the moment we had all been waiting for...The Results!! When we herd that Catholic High School got third, we clapped tumultuously thinking we would emerge as the winner since we get second every year and Catholic gets first..

To my horror,the commentator announced that BU4 came in second, we had lost again..not to Catholic but to DJ

..."second again" and "It's a curse", I heard the my fellow BU4-ians mutter in a disappointed tone .

Group Picture!!! You would think we got first looking at the smiles on our faces..and Su Wee's hand..I wonder if Pn Gan purposely stood in front of me, obscuring my probably "kangkang-ed" legs knowing that I would do my "signature pose". Unfortunately, Pn Gan can't be at three places at the same time.

The Enemy (DJ) decided to be helpful and snap a picture for us.

Oh well.. Looks like those gruelling practices are going to start soon.. and this time Bee and Jeremy will be there!! Oh Joy!!


Cheryl Anne

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hakuna Matata

It means no worries for the rest of your days!!!

Thats right!! PMR is finally over after months of studying...

I can finally sit back and do normal things like listen to music and sing and read Harry Potter. Normal muggle activities which now seem like the most exciting and fun activities ever..

During my three months of 'nerding', I chased mosquitoes around my room and killed the by using the Avada Kedavra curse crushing them with my mighty fingers.

This poor little fella got caught between my fingers while it was flying directly above Nicola's old geography text book which Jeremy lent me... I wonder if it still there??

But somehow PMR has a special place in my heart...I wouldn't say it was torturous experience.. No actually now when I think back, I kind of enjoyed studying and learning, boring as it may seem..

I don't think Chelsea ( my studying companion) found studying torturous either.. Her face looks rather calm and serene despite the history book in front of her.

It's just that studying spirit.. When I shout out my work ( I don't read text books...I yell them out making my neighbours, teachers and pets think I have gone into trance ) I just feel so powerful and valiant.. Sort of like Aslan from Narnia

Anyway.. the important thing is that PMR is officially over and I never have to do BAHASA MALAYSIA ever again.. ( ahhhh that means I don't get to say MENGGEMBLENG TENAGA anymore..*sob sob*)

Lets travel back a few hours and relive the glorious moment...

Before the last paper.. Cheryl and Christine play incy wincy spider and talk "Charlie".

1 hour and 20 minutes later.. Cheryl starts singing without any sound while conducting and smiling like an idiot..Suddenly..she hears a voice. "Kamu ada lima minit lagi. Check nama danangka giliran" says the voice.. Cheryl who was smiling from ear to ear and who's eyes were glinting with excitement let out a soft squeak

tick tock tick tock BERHENTI MENULIS.. the 'sexy' invigilators, clad in black, as if they were attending a funeral collect the papers..

Cheryl and Christine scream and dance..

Unfortunately, the moment was ruined when the teachers who were stationed around the school to keep us from going hysterical told us to keep quiet.. I got to hug Pn. jangan-gelap-hati-nanti-gelap-mata-Nora though..

After that, Aaron's goodbye/ after PMR PARTAY!!

Met the girls at 1 Utama and roamed around for an hour before Aaron, the guest of honour arrived.

During the roaming period, we gaily strolled into some shop called Action City..Bee, Crystyne and I were laughing when suddenly I heard an odd and frightening sound which sounded very much like a mixture of a chicken clucking and the sound an old car makes.

I turn around and see an idiot by the name of Yau holding a giant, plastic, featherless CHICKEN..
I screamed and bolted out of the store. I must have almost as idiotic as Yau.. A girl in high heels running away from a scary looking girl holding a scarier looking toy..

A while later, I muster enough courage to step back into the store..For some reason, Bee and Chrisitne started laughing.. Since they were looking in my direction, I concluded they were laughing at me..

Cheryl: Why.. What stupid thing did I do?

Bee : Cheryl, look down.

In my head I was thinking, Oh no please don't tell me I am naked and standing there 'bertelanjang bogel' like Pak Kaduk. I looked down. My clothes were still on and I looked fine.

Cheryl : Whats wrong?

Christine : Look down and front. *giggle giggle*

At this point, I was feeling rather annoyed. I looked down and stuck my head out in an awkward tortoise like position..The floor, which was the only thing I could see looked perfectly normal to me.

Bee : hahahehhhehohaha.. Cheryl. * points at the bottom rack of the shelf I was standing next to.

AAAAAaaahhhhh.. It was filled with those disgusting plastic chickens. It was like being in a horror movie..You are just sitting down then suddenly a ghost appears in front of you. Just that I was standing and it was plastic chickens instead of ghosts..

After that, we went for some breakfast at Old Town White Coffee

While waiting for Aaron and Ryan to come, we ate one french toast and one ice fire polo bun..

Imgine 5 people eating sharing so little. Cutting the polo bun which had a radius of about 3cm into 5 pieces..Even JJ who is like the leader of the anti-Cheryl club agreed with me that it was stupid.

Time for pictures..

One with Aaron Soh the genius who got an ASEAN scholarship which is the reason why he is leaving us, The Magical Bunch of BU4-ians.

and one with the girls.. Bee is a guy, why she isn't here..

You know these cctv stuff aren't actually exactly on time.. it's quite fascinating to lift your hand but only see your hand lifting 1/2 a second later..I think I could spend a few hours just doing that

But then again, PMR just ended so everything seems fun.

And finally, a group pic which was taken by the very helpful Indian man guarding the animal ride booth below the cinema.
We initially wanted to ride those toys but you've got to be below 'thartay' (the way the man says 30) kgs to ride that thing.

Christine and I who had gotten all excited walked away sadly.
Then we decided to take a group picture since ( the one above) since we had nothing to do..

Cheryl : Why don't we ask that lady *points to the security guard who had way too much makeup on her face that she looked like The Joker*

Christine : Oh ok

JJ : She'll take your camera and throw it down. Don't give it to her

Cheryl : Oh ya.. she is the lady who shooed JJ of the Noddy car just now.. Why don't we give it to the man at the moving animal booth.

Christine : NO!!

Cheryl : Why?

Christine : because he is Indian

Cheryl : Jarrod is Indian

Christine : but he looks rural.. like he can't say thirty properly..he might steal my camera

Cheryl : you racist girl.. and he is in 1 Utama not some rural area..and how does someone 'look rural'?

Yau : What the hell.. You think he is going to run of with your camera!?? you're so naive

Christine ( in an angry tone) : Do you even know what naive means!! Naive is if you see a man holding a knife and you go to him! Why don't you two go and give him your camera!!

Not wanting to start a fight..Yau and I kept silent..I did however hand my camera to the man and to my surprise, so did Christine ( perhaps she came to her senses after all )

we took the picture and the end.

Cheryl Anne

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Because I demand you too.


Cheryl is very happy. She was so excited during KH, she kept squealing while doing the paper. So amusing.

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