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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Another Tag

Name 5 Friends Of The Opposite Sex.
-how old are they?
-where are they currently?
-how long have you known them?
-tag 5 people.
1. Mallek Aminullah
- planet earth
- last year
2. JJ
- 14
- earth
- last year
3. Jeremy
- 13
- planet earth
- this year
4. Kadri
- 14
- planet earth
- last year
5. Charlie
- don't know
- the meadow
- last year
Would you rather ..........
party with 1 or 5??
CHARLIE of course
marry 2 or 4??
Neither.... but if I was forced it would be JJ
make out with 3 or 5??
Charlie is hotter but Cheryl Anne and a unicorn would be stupid....so the winner is Jeremy
date 1 or 2
sorry Mallek but JJ is hotter so I pick JJ
kill 1 or 3
I am good .....I don't kill...I am CHERYL ANNE
cuddle 2 or 5
CHARLIE (on the magical bridge of hope and wonder)
have kids with 3 or 4
Jeremy..because I want hot kids...with good genes..
live with 1 or 3
actually I choose....CHARLIE (5)
be stuck on an island with 2 or 5
obviously I would pick the unicorn... who wouldn't
has 3 ever hurt you
yup...he threw pieces of newspaper at me ...and it hurt so badly that I nearly cried
have you ever hurt 4
I punched him but I don't think it hurt...so NO
who is the funniest
whoever disagrees will be shunned
can you beat up 5
NO....btw if you beat up 5 you will be shunned....
when did you last see 2
this morning
who is the smartest
Jeremy.... he is second smartest in the world
smartest is the one and only
Cheryl Anne
how long have you known 5
use your brains......
MAD COW (yes i am talking to YOU)
who is 3 dating/crushing on
Cik Rozihan
who has a better
.... smile
all have nice smiles in thier own way...
except for the one who has brown teeth ( doesn't brush his teeth)
... body
unicorns - Charlie
humans - Jeremy
but I prefer CHARLIE..
I tag
- hui li
- xian
- jj
- hei zel
- rou en
Who was the overall winner if this tag....can someone count for me then tell me because I hate counting....
P.S. I love Cheryl Anne and Dr House and Charlie and
Magical people

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I got tagged and I don't feel happy but I am not sad either....

Instructions :Remove one question from below and add in your own question, make it a total 20 questions. Then tag 8 people from your list. List them out at the end of the post. Notify them that they have been tagged.

1. At what age you wish to marry?

2.Will you consider sexual relationships before marriage?
Probably just second base

3.Do you smoke?
NO...It causes lung cancer....

. What is the the latest gadget that you own ?
Ipod nano

5. Who did you mostly texted lately ?

7. What is the latest thing you bought with your own money?
17 magazine

10. What makes you cry?
CHICKENS....I am freakishly scared of them... I cry if i see a picture

11. How many kids do you want ?

12. Are you CRAZY??
OBVIOUSLY......I have mad Cow

13. Where is the latest restaurant you had dinner?
Don't know...

16. Do you believe in God?

17. Do you like your relatives ?
Some of them...like my cousins

18. Name your favourite game or sport.

19. Name the first person that comes into your mind now.
Cheryl Anne

20. Point out 5 things about the person who tag you.
- a guy
- has bunny like hair
- very skinny
- bon jovi fan
- chelsea fan

Rou en


to lazy to tag people because tags are mad cows...
they are fun to do but annoying to pass on....


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Monday, July 28, 2008

Sexy Fantasies...

Hey Magical people..

Have you ever thought of like dressing up as a superhero or whatever??

Anyway today in school, Yau started talking about maid uniforms...for some reason

So we started to talk about costumes...

We realised tht different guys liked different costumes...

for example, some like

Wonder Woman




Okay I am Bored...so I am going to go away


cheryl anne

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mad Cow is back again....

Hey there magical people..
I am sure you are tired of me trying to be smart so I am back to my usual nonsense....

Did I tell you people about my finger??

I was trying to close the sliding door but it refused to close so instead of pushing it, Cheryl-the-genius decided to pull it instead..

Cheryl put one hand on the thinggy where the door lands after it has been closed.
She pulls the door with her other hand.
Shockingly, the door started to function again.
As a result, the door slams into her other hand whichis on the thinggy..
2 seconds later:
my hand...my hand.
Cheryl runs to the kitchen...
She tells her maid what happened
"kakak..kakak..tangan saya kena tangkap dalam tingkap"
Cheryl puts her injured thumb under running water.
Cheryl starts to cry...
She calls her mother and tells her the story..
her mother laughs at her ..
Cheryl decided to put her hand in a bucket of ice..
10 minutes later:
Cheryl wraps her finger in a tissue..

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Influenza also known as Flu

I hate being sick. Today I was sneezing and coughing and sweating out cold sweat the whole time I was in school...and in addition to my misery, I had to endure two periods of Jeet torture plus one period of listening to Norehan the stupid non-believer one period of jothi the psycho and one period of Rozi-I like to torture my students because I am Dumb-Han..

It was horrible..

Based on my self-diagnosis, i think I am coming down with the Flu..
Symtoms of Influenza are
1. fever
2. headache
3. tiredness
4. cough
5. sore throat
6. muscle ache
7. blocked or runny nose..

(my symtoms are the ones in red)

I don't know who or what started the flu outbreak in 2 matahari because I am not the only one who is sick..I think it is probably the southwest monsun which is causing it to rain eveyday.

I have to go now...stay healthy

cheryl anne

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Love your hair....

Hey there magical friends...

Do you love your hair??

Well you should because you would probably look worse if you were bald..

Anyway, I am trying to be smart and prove that I am not that dumb when it comes to taking care of looks...

First of all, we should take care of our hair. Hair shouldn't be exposed to the sun too much as harmful uv rays will damage it resulting in dull, dry, unsightly hair....

Hair also shouldn't be forced... for example,those with curly hair should use shampoo that enhances curls rather than using one for silky straight hair.. By using the wrong shampoo, your hair could go from curly to limp and liveless...which would obviously be ugly

Treat your hair at least once every two weaks.. You don't have to go for some expensive salon treatment, you can just buy hair masques or hot oil treatment from the nearest pharmacy.. or you can make one at home..

~Hot oil treatment~

rehydrates dry hair and prevents dandruff


~1/2 cups olive oil

~1/2 cups dried rosemary

heat oil and rosemary in a saucepan.

remove from heat and remove leaves using a strainer.

coat hair and wrap hair to retain heat.

wash twice after 15 minutes.

if you are clumsy don't use this, you might burn yourself...

Love your hair and stay magical


cheryl anne

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Friday, July 18, 2008


Hey magical people...
I hate blog titles. I find them annoying and ........I don't know I just hate them.
I am also very happy to say that Pn Aminah hates that dumb Yeap Keng Han just like everyone else..Bored. This is a dumb post.

Oh I am going to Penang so I won't update my very useless blog until I come back..

Apart from that, Cheryl has decided to stop exercising (and by exercising she means strength work) until she grows at least half an inch taller..She will still do cardio to prevent obesity..
Cheryl has been planning to buy a trampoline so she can jump around like a mad cow..
Wait..... cows don't jump..
Anyway, jumping is a great workout especialy if you want to grow taller and if you want sexy legs. and thats exactly what Cheryl wants ...So she is going to buy a trampoline..

Jumping on trampolines also have other advantages such as.......
1. it burns up to 150 calories an hour
2. it is very fun compared to rope skipping or running
3. it makes you feel happy as jumping causes the release of endorphins
4. it can be done indoors and outdoors.. Therefore your workout won't be disrupted by the
5. unlike skipping, it doesn't affect your joints

cheryl anne

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Stupid non believer

Hey there magical people..
and it is very good indeed and not childish whatsoever..
Pn stupid Norehan thinks it is childish to like mermaids...She is insulting Walt Disney..
I mean seriously she has Mad Cow Disease..
Today she wanted to demerit Christine and I because Christine drew a mermaid body with a Yau face. Luckilly there was no space in the Buku Kawalan.
That dumb teacher is a non believer..

Shunn the non believer shunn shunnuh.

Another non believer is Rozihan.
Abi and Christine and I thought her how to shunn and guess what she did................

she gave us 10 demerits each.
Rozi is so ungrateful and doesn't deserve good students who try to help her.

To Abi and Yau and Christine, STAY MAGICAL and let your imagination run free..

Good bye my magical friends

cheryl anne

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fairies are pretty

Today, I suddenly started to love fairies..Although they don't actually exist..I love them because

1. They are MAGICAL..and magical is good

2. They are colourful

3. They can fly and have wings

4. They are very pretty

5. I just love them alot

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Monday, July 14, 2008

Hate Rozihan

Today in school, my moral teacher who doesn't practice moral at all pinched me. It was very painful and I almost cried. That stupid mad cow relly doesn't know how to treat her students. I was just sitting down talking then all of a sudden Rozi walks up and pinches me..

Rozihan: Ey, Cheryl mana buku kamu

Cheryl: Nah sini cikgu

Rozihan: Kamu ini sentiasa tak buat kerja. Sangat malas

Cheryl : Ouch...ouch..

Rozihan : Saya tak cubit kau pun...Ey duduk elok..elok jangan duduk terkangkang

cheryl closes her legs

Rozihan :Cikgu kata duduk elok elok nanti saya cubit kamu

cheryl turns around to put her legs under the desk ...Suddenly cheryl feels pain on her arm

Cheryl : Aaaaah my nerves my nerves...ouch stop it...my nerves are important

rozihan was pinching cheryl

Rozihan :Baik kamu duduk elok elok

See.... Rozihan is EVIL...We should shunn her...Shunn the non believer shunn shunnuh...Ok that doesn't make sense..

Cheryl Anne

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Saturday, July 12, 2008


Cheer 2008 finally started..and it was fun..
Blitzerz improved alot compared to last year..They made it to the top 15.
It was quite fun supporting them today although I felt we were rather soft this time around..
and the judges this year are awesome..espesially that Micheal fellow. He is so good and strong and flexible.. Santon was pretty awesome too.I loved his attitude..

cheryl anne

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Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Hey there..
Yesterday Christine and Abigail and I started counting the number of times Pn Aminah said ok... the result was 182 in two periods..she has mad cow disease..Yau didn't come yesterday and neither did she today because she has some abdominal pain..I diagnosed her with muscle strain just like what her doctor told her.

Anyway, I am proud to say that I have stopped catching fish and have also decided to stop talking in Charlie language out of class...


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Thursday, July 3, 2008

I Fish with the fishermans friend..

ok ..I admit that is a very very extremely super blabla dumb title...
anyway, today I went fishing
and it was FUN...
I fished at the giant plastic blue thingy near the kh place...
I didn't catch any ( doing the finger under the eye thing that i do when i am sad)....
I fished with Christine kuan who is my friend so now you should understand my title..
I didn't catch any but i still fed them bread so at least I did a good deed..

maybe I will catch one tomorrow...hopefully

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Today all the girls in 2 Matahari went to the scince lab..we were doing some experiment involving bunsen burners.. somebody probably left it on because the lab smelt like gas.. Yau and Christine and I thought the lab would explode if there was a source of heat..we watched some person light a match while we huddled up in fear...Nothing happened ..But before we could feal relieved, BOOM...we let out an ear splitting scream... then we realised it was just thunder..( I know you think I am very dumb right)...I have MAD COW DISEASE!!!!

Cheryl anne

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Cheryl anne =)

Hi! I'm Cheryl Anne.
and i want to tell you about a very nice person...
her name is christine..
she is very smart...
and she always helps me to do my homework...
and my blog!
i love her like shit! =)

OK im juz kidding...
this is christine...
hi cheryl's readers... xD

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