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Friday, April 24, 2009

HAPPY happy happy Happy hOHohohoOO

HoHoho Cheryl is blogging...

Thank you thank you Abigail for updating like a non-mad cow while I decided to go on hiatus...

Since last Monday or something like that, Cheryl has been in Super HAPPY psycho-ish Good Mood.

Every morning I'd go to school and comment on how beautiful the flora and fauna are..And how brightly the sun is shining and a lot of other cheerful happy things...Don't you just love the feel when the sun is shining on you but at the same time, cold breeze is blowing so you feel cold and hot at the same time..

Wanna know the secret to everlasting happiness???!!!

I know you want to.. I mean who doesn't want to be smiley everyday right.

Since I don't feel pleasure in seeing people depressed, I shall share my secret with you.

The secret is to appreciate what you have.. For example, if you do badly in a running race, instead of being a grumpy-head, you should be thankful that you actually managed to qualify for the race...

That way, you'll always be happy because you will always have something to be happy about..

I know some of you think my genius theory is stupid and childish but if you think about it, it actually makes perfect sense..

To all Emo people, being emo is a complete waste of time...Being happy is the most wonderful feeling in the world..and it pays off.. Let me introduce you to a magical land of joy and joyness..

When you are happy, you tend to be nice to all the creatures around you..such as humans, cats, dogs, roses, bees and many more..

When you are nice to people, the will be nice to you too.. This makes life more convenient for you.. (people are likely to help you by lending you pencils and letting you sit on them )
And lastly, when you are happy, you perform better.. Being happy helps you in your studies and in sports and helps you sing better.. Seriously!!

Being Happy makes the world go round!!

When I say SERIOUSLY I am serious...

But then occasionally even I go into angry-sad-grumpy mode...seems like Jeremy was wrong when he said "You are never pissed or sad"

Today was a bad bad day.. Even the sun couldn't cheer me up.. It was just so awful.. Some donkey stole my Geography text book and now I can't study...Aaahhhhh I hate thieves..

But then came recess and the weather was really good so I became happy again...

Sometimes when the weather isn't powerful enough to cheer you up...turn to superheros..Like Batman and Wolverine..

I can imagine Yau's mouth open, tilted head pose

Ahhhhh Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman are hot!!!

If you are Abigail, go stare at Adam Lambert...

hoohohohoo.....I feel so bad for Eddie Cahill.. Bee has totally abandoned him..*sob* *sob*

Another option would be to ask Christine Kuan to tell your future using the "What Color Do you Want toy" or the "Trace your hand and stay start and stop and cross out the stuff"

OMG it is like freakin accurate!! the other day, she said i'd trip and I tripped twice that day..


Cheryl Anne
P.S. Sorry about the retarded spacings and cacat-ness of this post.. Laptops are very difficult to use...

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Friday, April 10, 2009

Of Facebook and Thoughts.

As you can see, I'm having technical difficulties with the Charlie the Unicorn 3 video. It's too big! >:O

And that's the SMALLEST size available. Oh wells, we'll just have to live with it. So ugly. Eww. But you must STILL watch it. I'm in the midst of finding a second guy who likes Charlie. Tze Wei, (the ex-form 5) is the first. Heh. Yes, my friends. Tze Wei likes Charlie too!! SEE!!


On a side note, I've just noticed that everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, has Facebook. Is it really that fun? Even BOTH my parents have one. I'm serious. I walked into the study room one day and my mum is on Facebook chatting with her friends!! My dad...just has one for show. I think -.-"

And. I. Don't. Have. ONE.
I feel so left out. Heh XD

I logged onto Facebook using my mum's account one day, and boy, was it confusing -.-" Geez. So many buttons and options O.O After 5 minutes of random clicking, I got a headache (LITERALLY!) and gave up. HAHAHA. As for Friendster, it's more like DEADSTER now. Everyone has officially moved to Facebook. Except for me, once again -.-"

I'm still receiving those "YOU MUST GET A FACEBOOK YOU NOOB. YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE MISSING OUT!! DD:" from my friends.

-Perhaps, another time guys. When I feel not so lazy and I have a bomb load of free time to waste, learning every nook and crannie of Facebook. And going on an "add this friend" spree.
(The bomb load of free time sounds vaguely like after PMR. Hehe :D )

Since I finally got this picture after a long wait, might as well post it now.

A rather old picture...(Last month or so)

Let me introduce you to Katy Perry's parents. Yes, your eyes do not deceive you and I am not lying. Even though it's April and it's never to late to play an April Fool's prank. Met them in church. They were the invited guest speakers of the week. Boy, am I lucky or what?
They're both very warm and friendly people...blehblehbleh...and her father sings about the rain. I'm SERIOUS. One minute I'm walking out with them and the next, he's busy making up his own song about the rain. Heh :O

To Jeremy and Jarrod, here's your long awaited proof. Are you jealous yet? :DD

Before I leave, a random note from Katy's father:

"Say hello to your friends for me! :D"


Unbelievable? Believe it.


P.S. Keng Han, I know you read this blog. Stop nudging me, damnit. Not only do you lag my computer, YOUR NUDGING DISCONNECTS MY MSN. I'll call Hua Yen if you don't stop! :D Heehee.

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103rd post. -.-"

I've just realized that I've exceeded our 100th post and didn't realize it.


Typical, really. I've been rather blur the past few days. Heh.

I congratulate myself, for continuously updating in the midst of Cheryl's ABSENCE. Cheryl, for making this blog and giving me your password, so I can hack your account so I could do an impression of you, that EVERYONE FELL FOR!! Haha :D (see my first post). Not forgetting, the readers, for...reading? Haha. Maybe tolerating with our nonsense. Hmm. That sounds better :D *clapclap*

Now, the time that we have all been waiting for, well, some dreading.
HEEHEE. Almost there :]
*drum rolls*
Yay! I'm so happy! Shunnnnnnnn-ah!

OMG! It's a whale! :OOO

I love the starfish.
I think I can hear Aaron and Ryan screaming their heads off in misery. Heh XD

Oh oh, Adam got a standing ovation today!
From the crowd?
From Paula?
From Me?


HE GOT A STANDING OVATION FROM SIMON COWELL. THE SIMON COWELL. I don't think Simon has ever given anyone on AI a standing ovation before. We need to commemorate the moment! :OO


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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Malaysian Grand Prix 2009 (practice and Qualifying)

Omg Omg I love F1.

On Friday, I skipped school to go all the way to Sepang to watch a practice session and to hopefully get last year's champion ( who totally didn't deserve to win the championship) , Lewis Hamilton's autograph.

Anyway, I woke up early and left my house which is far far away from Sepang ( my house is in Bandar Utama) hoping to watch the first practice session which started at 10.

Unfortunately, my daddy who was the designated driver of the day, is a blur case.

Cheryl : * Sees signbourd that says 500m to turning to Sepang* Daddy, turn soon ok!!

Car is 30m from turning

Daddy : Where is the turning ah?? how come I don't see any signs?

Cheryl : Turn NOW turn NOW.. TURN TURN TURN

Car passes turning

Daddy : Huh??

Darren : You just missed the turning

Daddy : Oh. I couln't see it.. The lorry was blocking..

Actually, it wasn't blocking. My father was just trying to justify his blurness

So we had to drive for another 15 km or so and turn back and drive to Sepang all over again.

We reached thse Sepang International Circuit at about 1o.30

Sepang International Circuit

Those bloody guards confiscated my water and threw away 2 of my Granola Bars... the least they could do would be to give my granola bars to Africa or at least a beggar. But no.. Those asses THREW IT AWAY.

Arguing with those guards would have been a waste of time.. So I just went to the mall area to watch the pracice session.

It was very entertaining for my eyes to watch the pit crew push and pull the cars back into the paddock.

Brawn Pit crew pushing Jense Buttons car

Oooooh I think Kimi is in there..

But it was torture for my ears. I had forgotten to bring earplugs. Aaaah.. everytime a car passed, the chair would vibrate..seriously. And the sound was so loud that I could hear my eardrums vibrating. I know my last sentence doesn't make sense.. Its just something you can't explain.

Luckilly later on I met a kind malay guy who gave me earplugs..

The lane circuit looks like white nothing

My brother got earplugs too

Oh Oh I got to see Kimi Raikkonen's car with all the smoke coming out of it. His car got overheated because of the latest KERS ( kinetic energy recovery system)..

At 11, I started queuing up nder the freaking hot sun to get Lewis Hamilton's autograph.

There was a rule that you had to go onstage and get the autograph when your turn came no matter who the driver on stage is at that time.

But of course those fags just refused to go onstage at first because it was the lousy drivers like Nakajima and Sutil.

Everyone was waiting for Lewis.

The guards should have just dragged those people or should I say Hooligans on stage or asked them to go die.

In the end, They let people who wanted Nakajima's autograph cut line and just run up the stage.

This gave those stupid line cutters another chance to cut line..
They all said " I am going for Nakajima.. Then they just smashed their way into the Lewis line.

And then there was this Spanish family who used a pram to push everyone out of their way.

And an African who just pushed through everyone.

And then there was this freaking annoying Spanish or something like that girl. She pushed her giant ass through lots of people. But was finally stopped by a Chinese Lady. Then.. She pulled a Christine/Abigail and started crying like shit.

I am not being racist or anything of that sort but for once, I felt damn proud to be Malaysian when these two middle-aged guys, one Indian and one Malay teamed up and scolded people for cutting the queue even though it wasn't thier queue which had been cut..

Lewis hamilton Signing autographs

In the end, I DIDN"T get the autograph. * sob sob roar sob roar*
We played some games at the LG tent which was equpied with air-cons...

My Father.. The wannabe F1 driver

Went back to watch the second practice session..

My genius brother and the genius me realised that there were little white cars to help transport us to the mall area.

So we hopped on and let our daddy walk all the way. (500 m or more)

Former World Champion Kimi Raikkonen emerged first with his teammate Massa coming in second.

All Hail the Super fast Kami Raikkonen

The not so fast Lewis Hamilton

Hohohohoho Looks like the two Ferraris are getting back their magicalness.

Unfortunately, they didn't do to well in qualifying today.
Tommorow, Jensen Button will be starting from pole position while Lewis will be starting from 13 with his teammate Heikki Kovalainen behind him.

Felipe Massa is 16th and Kimi Raikkonen is 7th ( thanks to vettel who has been pushed down 10 places and Barrichello who has been pushed down by 5 spaces)

I am keeping my fingers crossed that Kimi and Massa finish first and second tomorrow. * crosses fingers*

That was last year.. this year should be the same. except for Kovalainen who will be replaced by Felipe Massa
Some leftover pictures before signing off

My camwhoring skills have certainly improved..


Cheryl Anne

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Friday, April 3, 2009

Sports Day 09' (Part TOO!) :D

I am here to say,

Cheryl Anne Lee May Lynn
your (supposed) main blogger,

Ditched school, for Lewis Hamilton.

In addition to that, she has failed to get his autograph.

Boo. dash underscore dash.

Btw, we had a lot of fun while you were gone. Regrets?

Now, the long forgotten post about Sports Day. (Why am I always the last?!?)


Congrats to all the marchers, I know you guys worked super duper hard. Especially in the heat. Where most of you, turned into black chickens. Heh. I would've been one of you if I didn't pull out. But then, I wouldn't have joined cheer...Oh wells, either way I would've benefited :D Also, congrats to Choong Yean for leading Green's formation to victory! Whoo. You got Choong Hern's marching gene's la -.-"

Yes, they actually LIED down in mud.

and finally,

Track and Field

To be honest with you, I had high hopes for our 4x100m (P2)

Eventhough we didn't achieve it, I'm proud of Rou En, Sofiani and Syarifah H.

You did your best :) The field was against us, yet again. Haha.

Skip this part if you're not fond of long jabbers on my life :D Well, it's not that bad...

At the start of the year, I remember jabbering to Li Qi that I had to win 100m, no matter what. Since there will be no Renuka and Kesh to compete with. HEHE XD It was my goal, and I'm proud to say I've finally accomplished it. I admit that I disappointed myself real bad during saringan to the point that I would cry at least once a day about it because I somehow managed to convince myself that I disappointed not only me, but everyone else who had put hope on me. I find it rather hard to be optimistic. That's why I look up to those who are able to stay optimistic no matter what. The scariest feeling? Tackling the 100m track once again on Sports Day. Well, not before bursting out into tears again -.-" But I couldn't have done it without God. Once again, he has proved to me how real he is. I doubt I would've had the strength to accomplish what I have without him. Thank you.

Also, thanks too Soo Yin, Yau, Christine and some other random budak for enduring my random little cries and complains between, during and after classes.

I wasted my tears :D Heehee. I hope to get them back with some INTEREST!!

Andandand, I have finally discovered Rou En's hidden talent. LONG JUMP. Muhahaha. You better watch out. She's friggin awesome.

Oooh. And the Green House cheer video :D

Betchu' can't find me! XD

I miss cheer! D:

Ending the post,

Even though we got 3rd overall, we were still celebrating as if we got first. It's GREEN SPIRIT, YO!! It's been a really hectic week, finding athlete's and making sure everyone knew their events. Plus it rained a lot, which caused quiet a number of events to be prosponed. The last day was pretty stressful, not knowing what's going to happen on Sports Day. Also going to class after class trying to find last minute replacements, making sure nothing got left out and changing the name lists. But we managed to pull it together. Thanks to Yip Li Qi. You're an awesome leader and even though we didn't reach our goal this year, at least you tried your very, VERY, VERY BEST!! :D Holding on to 3rd while battling it out with Blue and Yellow to the very end. I'm sure you made Green really proud this year.
You better come back next year Li Qi!! :D

One last time this year,



We'll be back next year. Better than ever!


P.S. Derrick, I'm proud to be a banana. Haha.

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009


April Fools was not fun.

I repeat.


Heh. Okay, I'll admit to JJ and Yau. Your prank had me fooled for real. Go kembang now. A pure genius prank, but still not fun. Pffft.

You can skip this part. I'm was thinking out loud.

Oh, Lambert's performing right now. His hair looks funny. Why is he still using that style? D:
Ryan is short. Adam's a head taller. Oh my. Shortshort. How tall is Ryan? Has Adam retired from his black nail polish? Ehhh.

Kris Allen was awesome!!! :O I'm admitting he was better than Adam tonight. His song choice was really, really beautiful!! Whooo. Scott was pretty good as well. I hope Anoop goes back. He bores me. Same goes for Lil Rounds. JENGJENGJENG.

Not funny, JJ. Not funny D:

Oh and a very Happy Birthday to Aiman and Li Qi. I forgot to wish you guys in school. Heh :D


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