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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Speaking of Sweetness

After that whole post on the Giant Cupcake, I got obsessed with sweet stuff and now I wanna eat pavlova. Ironically, when I'm in Aussie, I crave Roti Canai. But now that I'm in KL, I want my Pavlova...

Thank Goodness for the frozen Roti Canai I get in Australia and restaurants like Delicious which satisfy my pavlova craving when I'm in Malaysia.

My delicious Chocolate Pavlova...Mmm This is the type which is crunchy.. When you bite it, gazillions of tiny meringue particles explode in your mouth, filling it with sweet sugary goodness and a bit of fresh cream

And of course, my Roti Canai.. I know it says paratha but it tastes the same..

Oh That's just my attempt to make Pavlova.. Actually, I think I kind of succeeded. It is a different type of pavlova though. This one has a soft fluffy marshmallow-ish centre encased by a sweet crunchy shell.. Oh an I left the leaves on the strawberries to add more colour to it and make it look prettier.. Actually, I just eat the green stuff because I just can't be bothered to pull em' of.. Just think of it as grass or vegetables.

Now you can see it's innards.. I know it says Sarah Cooks but thats just because my aunty took a picture of it and put it on her blog so it has her marking..

Ok. I'm gonna eat now because all this food is making my tummy rumble..

Cheryl Anne

By the way, who wants to eat Roti Canai..or Pavlova with me??? Because I need a makan buddy

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Friday, June 18, 2010

of Cupcakes and GIANT-ness

Ladies and Gentlemen
Lo and behold the Giant Cupcake.

Now it may not look THAT big...mmmm cupcakes.Correction, Cupcake..Sweet!! Actually the icing is a bit too sweet...really

Just to emphasize the size of the cupcake.. All in all, we took 6 days to finish it. We had cupcake for brekkie, morning tea, and tea. Weehee Cupcake Overload!!

Just a tip for you guys: Icing and breakfast do not mix. HYPER HYPER HYPER

Cupppycake Crumbs!! Yummeh. My favourite part because the icing and cake is mixed up together.. So it doesn't taste Super Sweet then Boring Cake-ish

Actyally, the cake bit tastes really good.. It's super moist and has some bitter-ish cherry liquer which creates a yummilicious contrast with the sugarry icing

Just a bit of prettiness to make the day even better

My half eaten Cake of Joy.

Just in case you were wondering how I got this, Over the weekend, Tim and Christian came down to Melbourne for a little father and son bonding and decided to stay with us.. So they brought a little GIANT peace offering.

Christian walks in holding a giant white box.. We welcome him and chat a little. Suddenly, we here a loud thud....

Tim reversed his car into a tree..

"Here take the box, " Christian says as he hands over the rather heavy white box..

We all go out into the freezing cold night to check out the car and its "dislocated" bumper.

Dissapointed about the car, we finally return to the house..

"Well, At least you get a giant cupcake," Chris muttered softly

The word Giant and Cupcake were the keywords in that sentence.. I, blur as usual, didn't know about it..

My face lit up and I found myself going "ooohh Cupcake cupcake...*opens box* OOOOHHHHH CUPCAKE BIG BIG BIG" * claps hands*" Mind you, that was before I ate it.

Okie dokes.. Enough Blabber for the night..

Cheryl Anne

Heeheehe Fill me with Sweet Sugary Goodnesss

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Why my friends are awesomer than yours..

They made me this card.. Thats why

The real answer is........
They threw me a farewell party..Not just any farewell party, a surprise farewell party. And although this post cannot show how thankful I am, I am going to post it anyway..One beautiful, sunny morning, my mummy said " Cheryl, lets go out for breakfast" .. Oooooh breakfast yummy. Then she said " I need you to pass a sunday school book to Aunty Dorothy"So instead of going to the restaurant, we took a little detour and went to Chrystynes house.

Me : * rings doorbell* what is taking that idiot girl so long.. Can't she tell that I am hungry

Christine : Cheryl!! can you like walk in

Me : (in my head) What the hell?? please don't tell me she is making me walk in just because she is too lazy to wear her shoes.. * walks to the porch*

Christine : You know what, just come in for a while.

Me : Fine * walks in*


Me : (in my head) What is this girl doing? I am hungry and she makes me walk in to give her a book and she is mire interesested in making her stupid sounds rather than talking to me??? Oh ya I forgot.. she is Christine she is a retard
Suddenly, people just pop out from I-don't-know-where and yell "SURPRISE"

Me : * clenches fists in shock and stands there hyperventilating for 30 seconds*

Cheryl's Surprised face - PRICELESS

After I regained conciousness I went around handing out free hugs just because I didn't know what to do..Then Christine handed me a poofiest, pinkest pair of pants and we all headed to the park like one big happy family

Once again, Bee has to spoil it.. Whats your problem, Bee?? Don't wanna be a part of all the love??

Thats not all, folks.. They made a pinata.... Not just any pinata,


Looking at it, I wonder why Charlie is doing the thing he hated most, Lululululup-ing

Thanks Guys for all your had work caring for Charlie and wiping him dry with a cloth

Only to have the worlds biggest Charlie fan, Jarrod Joshua destroy him

Jarrod : I hate Charlie *whack whack whack*

Heeee. Only I can look cool and spin someone at the same time

Well Cheryl Anne spinning someone certainly looks a lot cooler than Gloria Su trying to hit Charlie.. She looks so stupid, she makes me wanna cry.

Well at least she manages not to injure anyones fingers while doing the deed.. I'm not gonna mention any names.. YAU HUI MIN YAU HUI MIN YAU HUI MIN

Cheryl Anne in action!! Check out my poofy buttocks!!

Hey Christine.. I just came up with Genius Idea number 72000!!! We could create poofy tube tops and sell them to people who want their boobs to look unnaturally big like my bum... I reckon we could makes loads of money!!

OHEMGEEE BEE (hey that rhymes) While people are busy spinning and whacking you have time to stick your sticky fingers up Charlie's anus and steal candy.. I don't know if you are a zoophile or just a very greedy kid..

You know what makes my friends even awesomer or even more awesome, they are eco-friendly

Charlie's carcass is reused as Jarrod Joshua's Headpiece.. JJ, you look all set for a Horse Race..

Next up, Bee organised some game where you try to build a castle out of slippers or something like that..

First, we divided into two teams..
Christine: Ok we are team TUCK IN SHIRT

Why don't we all look sexy with our shirts tucked in!! Brilliant Idea, Christine

Words cannot describe Yau. She looks like a wannabe marcher/ complete idiot..

After looking at the pic for a while, I realised something is wrong with the picture..apart from Yau and my unsightly tan lines..

Everyone untucked their shirts!! and left me alone looking like a dumb dumb.

Let the games begin..*fires canon*
Kudos to the person in the Blitzerz top who is dragging the really stupid looking thing in jeans.. I wonder who that is?? The one in jeans that is

Then we headed back to Christines place for some prettifying.. Wait!!! we also did some eating before that..
Leftovers. Thank you Bee's mum and everyone else for all that delicious food..

Jarrod getting prettified by Yau.. poor little thing

Sexies R us!!!

They think the fact that they are touching makes them sexier

Next, battle of the LALAs

The Indian Lala

The Chinese Lala

Geeee I feel racist..

Indian Lala wins hands down!!!!!

I reckon he freaking looks like Clara Teo with a moustache!!

For those who aren't from bu4, go to my facebook and search my friends find Clara then compare her and JJ.. you'll see what I mean.. she is waaaay prettier of course.. Sorry JJ

Well someone is satisfied..

I think all that eye candy calls for some normal looking people..

The Magnificent 7 * sings magnificent 7 theme song*..

"I don't have a picture with Jarrod * grabs JJ and camwhores with him*" says Yau.. Oh the terror. I think JJ needs therapy

One last group pic.. ..

I love you all!!!! can't say the same about my thighs though.

Now I'm sure JJ needs therapy..

By the way, I really like the card and I really LOVE you too..

Cheryl Anne

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day and Gong Xi Fa Cai

On Friday, in conjunction with Valentines day, instead of doing boring english ( essay writing and grammar) , Miss J asked us to draw a symbol of LOVE and draft a love letter or poem..

Anyway, the whole class drew a love heart ....

except me.. I drew a circle

well I used a compas.. but thats besides the point.

To be honest, I never even considered drawing a love heart.. the circle popped into my mind straight away.

Why a circle???

1. Where does a circle start?? Where does it end??

When you realise you love someone, do you know when you fell in love with him/her/it??

2. A circle is complete and perfect ( thats why I used the compas.. I wanted it to be perfect)

Love completes someone.. It makes your life seem perfect. When love is in the air, doesn't the whole world just smell nicer??

Come to think of it, Love is like Colours ( pity you can't draw colors) Colours just make the whole world seem more pleasant.. When you are feeling blue, just look at something and rejoice that you can see the beautiful color of whatever it is you are looking at.

Now. I would like you to tell me..

What does a love heart have to do with love???

heck.. it doesn't even resemble the human heart

Hah this post is actually incomplete but I am too lazy to finish it up so I am just gonna post it...

Cheryl Anne

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Friday, January 29, 2010

Bye byeee BU4

As all of you know, I have left my beloved BU4. Obviously I didn't just leave. I made sure I said goodbye to all my wonderful friends and not so wonderful teachers from school.. I also wanted to assure that I wouldn't just wake up one day and say "Hey I can't remember how so and so looks like". So being the genius that I am, I took pictures.

Hamie, Shevel and Chrystyne look like siamese triplets.. Bee, you suck like a vaccuum cleaner for becoming a prefect. If not for your prefectship, you would've been wearing a baju kurung and then we can be the siamese quadruplets..Now the picture looks so "potong steam" ( I can't remeber if that is the correct phrase) and it is all your fault Bee.. Now as a punishment, you shall write me the post which you promised..

The Hui Li gang-Sooyin and the twins + Cheryl Anne.. I love how Rou En's pencil case adds a hint of color to the pic. Without it the picture would've been so blue and white.. *boring (bimbo accent)*I've said this before and I shall say this again. Hui Li, Siew Jun, Rou En, Xin and Zhou Ling and Soo Yin, you guys are the kindest people I have ever met..honestly. I admire how you guys are always helping others and yet you don't go around gloating for every good deed you commit..This one is a bit blurry but I love it anyway just like how I love the people in the picture although they are a bit blur.. I'd prefer the picture if it was sharper though.Hug hug Ryan.. bye bye. Hey Ryan thanks for actually hugging me. It must've been difficult and torturous.. But at that time I thought I'd never see you again so I HAD to HUG you.

Thats me trying to persuade Aaron to be more like Ryan.. if you know what I mean..

Just in case you are one of those people who don't know me but just go around randomly reading blogs, don't think we as friends don't fight just because we are all smiley and cuddly in the pictures.. We are a bunch of posers who well, POSE

Proof that we aren't always so lovey-dovey

Ooooops wrong one...

There we go..War of the pants.... well the pants can't tear a the 2 C's apart..Pity I can't say the 2 C's can't tear the pants apart

Christine: Furnunculus!!!

Someone please tell me why I am friends with Christine.. She cheats on me with that idiot Yau in behind my book. Tries to snatch pants from my hands..then gives me boils...

that idiot I call my friend also decided to return to Nora and apologise after we succesfully escaped her...

but honestly you can't blame Christine and I for running away can you... Nora looks a bit like Mahyun "the mental women from Meniti Kaca" doesn't she??

Time for some random pics.....

Cheryl: how come this book doesn't make sense???

Hohoho there was once, Christine and I stayed in the library from 7.45 till the end of school.. We even spent reccess in there.. I will always remember that day. It's as if the memory has been embeded deeply in my very large brain. .. After that I realised my attendance was marked as not present.. which led to me being punished a few days later...

OMG worst punishment ever.. Tay made me oull out weeds from the tapak perhimpunan with my bare hands causing my fingers to swell up and turn red..

Ohh no...Bee and Miss Magnificent forgot to shave..

The very helpful Jeremy Tang didn't want to help us take pictures so we had to place the camera on another desk..But I reckon the area under the table which is visible in the pictures above looks cool...

My second signature pose... the first one is the "kangkang" ..But seriously. It is wonder my baju kurung hasn't torn yet..well at least the white bit hasn't.

In form 2, Chrystyne decided to test her scissors on it..When I saw the tear I screamed and complained to the teacher. I was ruled as guilty and ended up getting scolded for interupting the lesson and being childish..

In the end Christine let me cut her skirt back.

an eye for an eye..

I like it.

Yau's nose = non metal

therefore, it is malleable.

Thats how much I listen to Aminah during science.

I love BU4. and everything about it... Including the toilet

OMG they should so make I (love heart shape) BU4 t-shirts.

Cheryl Anne

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