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Friday, January 29, 2010

Bye byeee BU4

As all of you know, I have left my beloved BU4. Obviously I didn't just leave. I made sure I said goodbye to all my wonderful friends and not so wonderful teachers from school.. I also wanted to assure that I wouldn't just wake up one day and say "Hey I can't remember how so and so looks like". So being the genius that I am, I took pictures.

Hamie, Shevel and Chrystyne look like siamese triplets.. Bee, you suck like a vaccuum cleaner for becoming a prefect. If not for your prefectship, you would've been wearing a baju kurung and then we can be the siamese quadruplets..Now the picture looks so "potong steam" ( I can't remeber if that is the correct phrase) and it is all your fault Bee.. Now as a punishment, you shall write me the post which you promised..

The Hui Li gang-Sooyin and the twins + Cheryl Anne.. I love how Rou En's pencil case adds a hint of color to the pic. Without it the picture would've been so blue and white.. *boring (bimbo accent)*I've said this before and I shall say this again. Hui Li, Siew Jun, Rou En, Xin and Zhou Ling and Soo Yin, you guys are the kindest people I have ever met..honestly. I admire how you guys are always helping others and yet you don't go around gloating for every good deed you commit..This one is a bit blurry but I love it anyway just like how I love the people in the picture although they are a bit blur.. I'd prefer the picture if it was sharper though.Hug hug Ryan.. bye bye. Hey Ryan thanks for actually hugging me. It must've been difficult and torturous.. But at that time I thought I'd never see you again so I HAD to HUG you.

Thats me trying to persuade Aaron to be more like Ryan.. if you know what I mean..

Just in case you are one of those people who don't know me but just go around randomly reading blogs, don't think we as friends don't fight just because we are all smiley and cuddly in the pictures.. We are a bunch of posers who well, POSE

Proof that we aren't always so lovey-dovey

Ooooops wrong one...

There we go..War of the pants.... well the pants can't tear a the 2 C's apart..Pity I can't say the 2 C's can't tear the pants apart

Christine: Furnunculus!!!

Someone please tell me why I am friends with Christine.. She cheats on me with that idiot Yau in behind my book. Tries to snatch pants from my hands..then gives me boils...

that idiot I call my friend also decided to return to Nora and apologise after we succesfully escaped her...

but honestly you can't blame Christine and I for running away can you... Nora looks a bit like Mahyun "the mental women from Meniti Kaca" doesn't she??

Time for some random pics.....

Cheryl: how come this book doesn't make sense???

Hohoho there was once, Christine and I stayed in the library from 7.45 till the end of school.. We even spent reccess in there.. I will always remember that day. It's as if the memory has been embeded deeply in my very large brain. .. After that I realised my attendance was marked as not present.. which led to me being punished a few days later...

OMG worst punishment ever.. Tay made me oull out weeds from the tapak perhimpunan with my bare hands causing my fingers to swell up and turn red..

Ohh no...Bee and Miss Magnificent forgot to shave..

The very helpful Jeremy Tang didn't want to help us take pictures so we had to place the camera on another desk..But I reckon the area under the table which is visible in the pictures above looks cool...

My second signature pose... the first one is the "kangkang" ..But seriously. It is wonder my baju kurung hasn't torn yet..well at least the white bit hasn't.

In form 2, Chrystyne decided to test her scissors on it..When I saw the tear I screamed and complained to the teacher. I was ruled as guilty and ended up getting scolded for interupting the lesson and being childish..

In the end Christine let me cut her skirt back.

an eye for an eye..

I like it.

Yau's nose = non metal

therefore, it is malleable.

Thats how much I listen to Aminah during science.

I love BU4. and everything about it... Including the toilet

OMG they should so make I (love heart shape) BU4 t-shirts.

Cheryl Anne

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Christine said...


"This one is a bit blurry but I love it anyway just like how I love the people in the picture although they are a bit blur.."

hahahha double meaning!!!! did you realize???

and metal is malleable you dodo bird!!!!!!!

and i still want the not so nice pics for me to edit and make it look like we are doing magic and legolasing!

hehehe i love you cheryl, i miss all the good times!