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Monday, December 21, 2009

Name in a Carol..

Wooohooo.. I got my christmas wish. No I'm not coming back next year. But I've got my name in a christmas carol.

It's just so unfair how Gloria gets to hear us go Glooooooooooooria in "Angles We Have Heard on High" and Noel gets " Noel (x5)" in "The First Noel".. I bet they feel extreme pleasure hearing people sing their name.

Unfortunately, My parents didn't think of the "name in a carol" aspect when they picked the name Cheryl Anne.

However, while we were singing at my house yesterday, some genius decided to say...

Used to laugh and call him names ......... CHERYL!!
~Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer~
They were supposed to say "lembu".
Tadah!! I've got my name in a song *squeels*

I am so naming my kid Santa then he/she will get to hear his/her name in "Here Comes Santa Claus" and a million other songs.. Or I could also name him Rudolph..

Bah ( damn I've picked up Fify and Maryline's Sabahan slang) got to go get ready for another round of Christmas cheer spreading aka Carroling.


Cheryl Anne

P.S I Love you If I don't blog again, MERRY CHRISTMAS

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's the most wonderful time of the year

Omg I can't believe christmas is just fifteen days away..

For the first time ever, I'm actually sad its coming so soon.. I wish I could control time. Then I can hit the pause button everytime I see something a christmas tree or for that matter, anything to do with christmas ( reindeer, holly, santa claus). Well to be honest I'm not sad that christmas is coming as a matter of fact, I'm overjoyed .

Even the word "CHRISTMAS" manages to magically turn my solemn mood into a cheerful and joyous one. Whenever I'm feeling down, I just sing christmas carols. Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas, Jingle Bell Rock, O holy night, Rocking around the Christmas Tree, The First Noel and Sleigh Ride are a few of my favourites.. If you ever see a girl pummeling her thighs with her fist while one of those songs are playing, go up to her and say Happy Christmas, Cheryl!! Because that girl will probabaly be me.

The only problem with this years christmas is the fact that I don't have a tree as we had it shipped of to Australia.. Now every morning I traips down the stairs only to see a whole load of emptiness.. No magnificent tree standing tall and proud to great me *sob sob*.. Thats why I need to sing carols.. To remind me that christmas is coming..Yipeee * jump for joy*

At least I've still got my fave ornament to look at... Mum let me keep a few to hang on doorknobs

Well since christmas is about sharing, caring and giving your love, I suppose some of you might want to spread the love by exchanging gifts.. And I'm sure you'd hate to spend money just to end up giving something I dislike. So, I decided to help you by making a Christmas Wishlist!!

1. Camera

A pink one please.. Daddy ( if you are reading this) you should get me this so you can have a visual description of how we are in Melbourne. Well honestly, I don't know what camera I want because the only camera term I know is " megapixel" but apparently canon is awesome (It is suppose to delight me always) and they come in pink so I'll go with Canon .

2. Victoria's Secret Lip Gloss

I smelled Yau's and I fell in love right away.. If Love potion existed VS lip gloss willl be the scent I smell. If someone gets me this I can kiss dry, unsightly lips goodbye and say hello to glossy shiny puckers. Unfortunately Malaysia doesn't have any Victoria's secret stores and neither does Melbourne..But there is always the internet!!

3. Scrapbook

I would absolutely love a scrapbook filled with memorable pics of the fun I've had with my friends in Malaysia..Don't ask why I can't just make one myself. You haven't seen my art skills. I can't even dram a decents stick person what more make a scrapbook.

4. Acca Kappa Paddle Brush

This brush is like a wand..Firstly they are both made of wood..Secondly, they both have magic powers.It instantly adds volume and gives hair a soft shiny look while massaging your scalp at the same time. Only problem is that it cost RM 100 each. But if you look at it, you don't need to blow dry or use ceramic irons which use electricity which you need to pay for because you can get luscious locks by just brushing so you actually save money.

5. Body Shop Merry Cranberry Range
I'm eyeing the lip balm and shimmer lotion..But honestly I just love BODY SHOP products ,,,Ahh the scent of cranberries and all the glitter just makes me think of Christmas.. It's like Christmas in an environmental friendly bottle.. Besides, It's Christmas so you should do good deeds like save the planet by buying body shop products for me.

6. Boston Legal season 5 Box Set

I think Denny's face has been photoshopped in this pic..Since when has he looked so youthful and wrinkle free..Anyway, from joining the sueing the national guard to joining the coast guard, dressing up as flamingoes and shooting the opposing counsel with a painball gun these two never fail to cheer me up with their childish antics. And I'm gonna need entertainment during my extra month of holiday while waiting for school to start in February.

7. To get to come back for Christmas next year

I'd be willing to spend 7 hours of torure in those tiny seats just to come back to Malaysia for Christmas.. Please Santa make me his christmas bride let me come home for Christmas. This would be the best gift of all the ones I listed above.


Cheryl Anne

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