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Monday, November 9, 2009

Why Twilight??.

I have found the world's best movie in the world. Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you,


Ahhh the magic ( forgive me if my language and blogging skills are horrible today, I'm just so amazed by the movie that I've been rendered helpless.. If I took the Facebook Brain Scan thing now, there will probably be a big THE LORD OF THE RINGS emblazoned across the brain) Never before have I watched a movie so interesting. Serious yet funny at the same time. How many movies are like this?? Take this years oscar winners for example...The Reader is so serious and sad that your head wants to explode

I love you Meriadoc Brandybuck and Peregrin Took.. You bring laughter when everyone is fussing about the ring. To those idiots who just watch movies to see hot people, guess what.. LOTR is the movie for you.

Hot Elf!!! Marry me , Legolas. * swooons*

He isn't just good looking, he is swift with his bow and arrow, a skilled fighter.. Well much better than Gimli anyway.

Hmmm. I guess I was wrong. Thats it.. I am going for Gimli instead.

Maybe you are a guy and you don't agree with me on Legolas.. Fret not my friend..Arwen shall be your eye wash

Seriously, I am girl and a think she is a real beauty with her rosy complexion, long black hair cascading down her shoulders and most importantly, those pointy ears.. Elves are perfect for those with an ear fetish..

Well if you have a foot fetish you can go crazy over hobbits
The bigger the better right?? Besides the characters, the set of LOTR is just breathtakingly magnificent.

Rivendell..the most beautiful place I have ever seen. It just sparkles and shines so brightly leaving me staring at it in awe.

And now..for the best book of the century..

Harry Potter...8.3 million copies sold in 24 hours (Breaking Dawn only got 1.3 million)

Seriously..Twilight is filled with grammatical errors. The language used in that book is simply abysmal.
"The birds were quiet, too, the drops increasing in frequency, so it must be raining above."
Twilight pg 119

Me and my lab partner. Twilight pg 61

On the other hand, I've broadened my mind and improved my vocabulary quite a bit, wait no A LOT by reading Harry Potter. Now I know the meaning of the word sycophantically and apoplectic * applause*

So.. Why is everyone so crazy about the Twilight Saga??

I was reading the latest seventeen and oh my the amount of twilight in it.. It was like sticking pins in my eyeballs..

Oh I know...it must be that Edward Cullen.. Those rippling muscles and the hair... Who can forget his messy yet CLEAN hair and his armpits...Ahhh * swoons*..

Look at that six pack...I am besotted by his hotness

At least in Harry Potter looking at Pattinson was bearable

Well it is obvious that in a 'Who has sexier hair contest' Legolas Greenleaf's silky blond hair would snatch the title.. So I am not allowing him to enter..

Now the Winner of the Sexiest Hair Contest..


Snape Snape Severus Snape. You didn't think Cullen's greasy unwashed mess would win did you??

Once again.. Why are the newspapers, magazines and all the TV channels clogged up with armpit hair, I mean Twilight when you have got Harry Potter and Lord of The Rings???

Cheryl Anne

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