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Monday, October 27, 2008


*does an imitation of F1 racers drinking water* X100000000000

Mega-stress right now. Heeeeeeheeeeee :D

I am proud to say that I cried of frustration today while watching Eddie.
Hahahahaaaa. I'm so retarded now. But after watching him ID a victim, I became damn happy.
Cheryl, I think I have a bad case of MADCOW. It strikes again.


Let me tell you what I haven't studied:

BM: I haven't studied a shit about karangans. Gonna fail! Objective paper should be fine. I can shoot all I want

SJ: This subject can go fucking DIE la. I'm damn tired about hearing "He marry this dood. He became Islam. BLABLABLABLABLA. Bugis this, bugis that. SHIT YOU LA. I'm going to be blogging about every Sejarah topic alive and how stupid it is after the exams. I haven't read chapter 9 form 1 and chapter 1,2,8 form 2. CAN DIE OR NOT???

GEO: Retarded!

KH: Can go die la.

BI: Okay subject. Hate the empty headed talkative bitch teacher.


SN: Favorite subject. No complains. :D

Moral: FUCK THIS SUBJECT LA. We are forced to memorize this stupid little piece of paper to get an 'A'. I am pleased to say I fail this subject. SAYA BUKAN ORANG BERMORAL RIGHT. Geez man. Even I am nicer than some asses who get 'A' all the time.

Seni: Drawing is fine. Learning about colours=NOT FUN.

PJK: Wtf is this CRAP! Like I need to know what push up's in malay are. -_-"

Sivik: I fail Sivik too. Gee, if I failed all the so called lessons in life, why do I actually care about MY FRIENDS. WHY DO I FEEL GUILTY WHEN I SEE A BEGGAR, AND NOT GIVE THE POOR DOOD MONEY. Wahh, I didn't know that's not considered bermoral just because it's not listed on a piece of paper. WELL EXCUSE ME FOR NOT HAVING A CONCIENCE!!! hell.

Oh god. I can't even blog properlly right now.


10 more days until I declare freedom.

Disclaimer: I'm a bit retarded right now. MENTALLY. So yeah, if I rant about the most stupidest stuff. EXEPTION OF EDDIE CAHILL!! I beg you don't listen to me and ingnore me :D



P.S. Cheryl's guessing game is still on people. 18 alphabets ^^

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

My new C-R-A-Z-E.

I'm back people. Yeah it's me. Bee. I'm very very very very very very very ANGRY. Cross that out, I'M FRIGGIN PISSED. (I've decided not to curse with *ahemahem* anymore.) You wanna know why, my sister went and deleted my friggin pretty picture that I took of ME and HER.

ON PURPOSE. Can I get a WTF?hell.

Soooooo. To make me happy, I decided to blog about my new craze. CSI: New York and


The hottest guy on the planet, even beats David Cook. I know you know how much I love Cook. So if I love Cook, you can imagine how much of a craze its been over...EDDIE CAHILL.
Ahhhhhh. So HOT. *melts*

Let's buy time in Eddie's/Det. Don Flack's uniform clad glory.

Ahhhhhh. I feel happier already <3

Warning: I'm gonna bombard this blogpost with Eddie Cahill. Carmine Giovinazzo fans, SHOO :)

Or, you could skip all the way to the last picture :) I'm nice.

To all my friends, I now present to you, Eddie Cahill. Better known as, Det. Don Flack.

THE MAN CAN POSE! *swoooooon* Ahhhh.

I liked his expression in this picture. It's like: "who me?" Ahhh. *meltmeltmelt*

Oh look, it's Carmine! :D (If you can't see him, HE'S RIGHT THERE AT THE BACK OF EDDIE'S GLORY)

Okay, I have a feeling you all are going: "Omg, she's friggin crazy!!"

My answer to you my friends will be, its the madcow :D
I can't find anymore pictures to swoon about yet. And uploading them is a drag. So I'll just add when I feel like it. Hahahaha.

I'm gonna leave you with my favorite quote. By my favorite person: Eddie Cahill :)

"Stop, Drop, and Roll you son of a bitch"

I think this is what I'm going to start saying to curse.

Oh, and I love Cheryl too. *winks* EDIT: I'm nice yeah?


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Thursday, October 9, 2008

of My Geniusness and Pretty Objects

Gaaah..so many tags that I feel like dying..You know what, change of plans..I ain't gonna those tags yet I'll do these first...

I have good news, remember how I said I would pass my ABRSM theory test with flying colours??
Well, I am very very proud to say that

I ,Cheryl Anne got a DISTINCTION

The ultimate natural smile

When I am happy, I JUMP and SMILE

I would like to thank my very kind music teacher, Teacher Audrey for making me learn all that crap. Speaking of theory, since I finished grade 3, I started grade 4. Luckily for me, I don't have to use that ugly looking ABRSM crap anymore but instead I get to use this colorful pretty looking one instead.

Pros of using Pretty looking, Colorful, Picture-filled books:
- Colorful things help to stimulate the human mind
- Pretty things are pretty and therefore, they make me hate theory less..
- Cheryl Anne likes it and therefore the world shall like it
- People are attracted to nice looking objects
- If you get bored of theory, you can look at pictures

Check out the pretty pictures from the book
Pastel Colors are hot

the Merrygo-round makes the Italian terms beside it less disgusting

Italian Terms *nosebleed*

Floating and flying

A Clown that is an Artist =Clowtist or Artown

Who is sexier the soldiers or the clown??


Speaking of Colorfulness and Joy and Joyness...

Rainbow colored crayon-like erasers

Check out my lovely colorful mini scented erasers.. Cute or not ??? Many thanks to Lucy for hand-carrying them all the way from England.. Aren't they the most beautiful pieces of stationary ever..+ they smell good too., Unlike those smelly stinky rubber smelling normal ugly erasers..

Speaking of rubber, I have decided to tell you a story about how rubber found its way to Malaysia ( then called Tanah Melayu)

In 1876, Henry Wickham decided to take 70000 rubber seeds
and bring them to England where they were planted at Kew Gardens.. After that, 3000 shoots were sent to the places under the British rule( mostly Sri Lanka). In 1877, 22 trees were brought to Singapore and planted at Botanical Gardens..9 trees were brought to Malaysia and planted at Hugh Low's house in Kuala Kangsar.

Just in case you didn't know, Hugh Low was the British Residen in Perak. He replaced JWW Birch after my heroes Dato' Maharaja Lela ( penghulu Pasir Salak and also part of the Orang Besar Berlapan Perak), Sepuntum, Dato' Sagor and Pandak Indut killed him when he came to Pasir Salak to give them a letter that stated that he was in charge of collecting tho tax money.. That Gay fag decided to force my beloved king , Sultan Abdullah to sign a treaty which allowed him to take over the 'kuasa mentadbir negeri' which included choosing the judge, the penghulu and letting him cotinue to collect tax money..Cheryl, thats enough..THATS ENOUGH!!

Oooh Ooooh have I introduced you to this other
cute thing called...
TY Beanie Babies

Look at the logo above for 20 seconds..You will realize that it SP
ARKLES!!! *sparkle sparkle*

Beanie Babies are like 36982466655 better than those plain old boring Teddies because they are
filled with beans instead of cotton!!
How cool is that huh??

Besides that, all the Beanie Babies come with a TY
tag that has its
Name, D.O.B, and a short Poem!!!!

Charmer the Magical Unicorn

Collection of TY Unicorns..They're magical and Pretty.

What do you think?? TY Beanie Babies also produce bears and other animals..

Mel the Baby Koala

Mel looks better and cuter in real life..this pic is not very flattering.

My Beanie Baby Wish List

Biscuit the Puppy.
I love the way Biscuit is sticking out its cute little tongue and I like its giant eyse which look like fishballs covered in soya sauce

Frostiness the Polar Bear
Have I told you that I love Polar Bears.. I love they're fur..the way it is so white and clean.and then suddenly they'll bite a penguin or something and there will be patches of red on they're fur.. The contrast between white and red is so Beautiful....

So...if there are any kind soles out there who want to get me a present..You know what I want..
My parents refuse to buy me Beanie Babies because they think I am too old for them and that beanie Babies make me sneeze. So I am counting on You!!!!

Cheryl makes out with Mel..
I am not a Zoosexual or something ok...A zoosexual is someone who has sexual desire towards animals..and I am NOT one of those..No offence to any of you who are....

I have included an image to make zoosexuality clearer for all you blur casses who still don't know what it means...Don't worry it is a painting and there is NO PORN in the picture..

A man sodomizing a goat..

Do you get the picture now?? I wanted to put a painting of a woman fu*king a swan by Michelangelo but you could see her tit and I want to keep my blog

bright and shiny and porn free

Cheryl Anne

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Mallek's Buka Rumah

On Saturday, Mallek had a buka rumah (open house)..the attendees were Cheryl Anne, Christine, JJ, Bee and Kadri..Sadly, our herd (of mad cows and bulls) was not complete as Jeremy decided to miss the event..

Gazzilions of pictures were taken because that's what tiggers..I mean Mad Cos do best!!! hoohoohoohoo!!

Us, environmental friendly girls decided to go Green and save our beautiful planet from extinction by walking there..

Fellow cows, Yau and Bee met up at my place before we headed off with Christine..While waiting for her, we...

filled our tummies to prevent us from fainting on the way to Mallek's

played with Chelsea, my Pomeranian mixed Chihuahua

Puppies are in..handbags are out

Chelsea gives Yau a kiss

Dopey James Bond wannabe,James Bond wannabe and Kelemumur girl

After 60906650 very long and tiring steps we finally reached Mallek's place which is situated at Kota Damansara..

Actually I lied, Christine's very kind parents picked us up and took us to Mallek's..but we still helped the environment by using only 1 car..*claps hands*

While we were at buka rumah, we ate lots of delicious rendang and other types of Malaysian food prepared by Mallek's mother and acted like ourselves....

Yau teaches us how to pole dance

Cheryl upstages the teacher..

What are you doing??

Monkeys dangling on a tree

We all Jump for Joy

Taking a break from all that jumping..
Cheryl Anne and Yau pose lying down

Christine says f*ck you

Cheryl Anne Queen of the world..
You shall bow down to me and hug my legs

You can hug my legs but you can't pounce onto me..

And you can't grab my boobs either

Queen of the world..under the tree

War of the Bitches


Cheryl Anne


War of the LALAs

JJ 'the Indian lala'



Just so you know, Yau and Cheryl were not pole dancing.. they were merry-go rounding around the tree and the pole..

And Yau DID NOT grab Cheryl's boobs..It was an OPTICAL ILLUSION..



Cheryl Anne

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