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Friday, June 18, 2010

of Cupcakes and GIANT-ness

Ladies and Gentlemen
Lo and behold the Giant Cupcake.

Now it may not look THAT big...mmmm cupcakes.Correction, Cupcake..Sweet!! Actually the icing is a bit too sweet...really

Just to emphasize the size of the cupcake.. All in all, we took 6 days to finish it. We had cupcake for brekkie, morning tea, and tea. Weehee Cupcake Overload!!

Just a tip for you guys: Icing and breakfast do not mix. HYPER HYPER HYPER

Cupppycake Crumbs!! Yummeh. My favourite part because the icing and cake is mixed up together.. So it doesn't taste Super Sweet then Boring Cake-ish

Actyally, the cake bit tastes really good.. It's super moist and has some bitter-ish cherry liquer which creates a yummilicious contrast with the sugarry icing

Just a bit of prettiness to make the day even better

My half eaten Cake of Joy.

Just in case you were wondering how I got this, Over the weekend, Tim and Christian came down to Melbourne for a little father and son bonding and decided to stay with us.. So they brought a little GIANT peace offering.

Christian walks in holding a giant white box.. We welcome him and chat a little. Suddenly, we here a loud thud....

Tim reversed his car into a tree..

"Here take the box, " Christian says as he hands over the rather heavy white box..

We all go out into the freezing cold night to check out the car and its "dislocated" bumper.

Dissapointed about the car, we finally return to the house..

"Well, At least you get a giant cupcake," Chris muttered softly

The word Giant and Cupcake were the keywords in that sentence.. I, blur as usual, didn't know about it..

My face lit up and I found myself going "ooohh Cupcake cupcake...*opens box* OOOOHHHHH CUPCAKE BIG BIG BIG" * claps hands*" Mind you, that was before I ate it.

Okie dokes.. Enough Blabber for the night..

Cheryl Anne

Heeheehe Fill me with Sweet Sugary Goodnesss

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