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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cheryl Anne's perspective on BITCHY-ness

I have decided that I will not be posting on my holiday to Krabi. Don't blame me... Blame stupid blogger!!! Blogger needs to learn to upload pictures properly without screwing up the size..Gaaahhhhh. I might upload a few pics though and try to resize them myself.

Aha!!! I have been inspired. I finally have something to blog about...


I would like to know, What is the definition of the word BITCHY?? To find out, I decided to ask different people what it meant. this is what they said......

-Err..I don't know. I think it is someone who err is mean and likes to scold people and is bossy and Aaaaahhh don't ask me.. I am not good at these stuff. Aaaahhhh-

-Hmmm. Its hard to explain. I don't know. someone who likes to push people around. How about this *insert name* = Bitchy-
( I won't insert the name because the person might read it and get into a fit and start throwing peanuts and bananas at cows)

-I don't know I think it is someone who is mean.-

Well, I only asked 3 people and they all gave me stupid answers. So I have concluded that the word bitchy should not be used to describe people anymore. I realised that we call everybody that we hate BITCHY. When we get into a small fight with someone, we call them BITCHY. When we hear someone walk or talk or stand or eat or drink in a certain manner we also call them BITCHY..

Seriously sparkles, the word BITCHY has been severely overused.We call nearly everyone bitchy.

ex~ Ahhhhh I hate that stupid Puan Noreha* !!!! she is so bitchy. I hope she falls flat on her ugly face

Apart from that, I realised that in every tv show, there will be one character that everyone labels as THE BITCH. So I decided to study their characters and try to figure out what makes them bitchier then the rest....

Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl

What is so bitchy about her. Blair just fights for what she wants.. Honestly, I don't think Van Der Woodsen is any better compared to Blair.

Serena Van Der Woodsen goes around acting like a humanitarian pretending to consider the consequences and telling people how bad she feels for ditching Blair but she still ditches her in the end...

At least Blair doesn't waste other peoples time by complaining to them about how guilty she feels..

I bet Serena just does that so people think she is nice and has a conscience but she is actually no better than Blair...

and just because Blair is smarter and better at plotting against people , that doesn't make her bitchier, it simply makes her smarter. Serena and all the others are probably just as bitchy, but unfortunately for them, they are not as smart as

Sure Blair may be bossy at times..that doesn't make her b
itchy, it makes her bossy.

I mean, open your eyes, Serena ditched Blair, her best friend who stood by her although she was a junkie and kind of murdered somebody to go ha
ng out with Poppy Lifton the socialite.

Who is the BITCH now??

Wilhelmina Slater of Ugly Betty

Just like Blair, She fights for what she wants. She doesn't let others get in her way. Although she is a little over the top in her methods of getting what she wants, just like Blair, that doesn't make her bitchier, it simply makes her smarter.

As long as she doesn't do anything against the law, like murder or something ..she is practically innocent.

Edie Britt of Desperate Housewives

Honestly, I think Edie and Gabrielle are the same. Well at least thier level of meaness is the same. Unfortunately for Edie, although Gabby is just as evil, everyone hates her instead of Gabby..

Seriously.. Gabbrielle goes around sleeping with other people while she is married. Edie on the other hand just sleeps with people. So who is worse. The girl that cheats on her husband or the one that sleeps around??

If you think Edie is mean, you should look at Gabrielle. She makes her blind husband follow her everywhere just so that she can park in a handicap parking spot. She makes her blind husband work just so she can afford designer clothes.

People probably call Edie bitchy because she is not afraid totell people off and insult people to thier faces.. In my oppinion, thats not bitchy, thats HONEST

So.. why are these people that I mentioned above called bitchy when you people don't even have a proper definition for the word bitchy??

Well, I semi-concluded that you, my bubbly sparkly friends judge people based on how they look. Those people above are not neccesarily pretty or beautiful but they are certainly hot. Wait wait.. I think fiesty would be a better word. Its just something about the way they walk and talk andstand and eat.. they always look so confident and and aaaahhh I don't know.

I have decided to use picture of people to prove my theory. Look at the pictures below. As soon as you see them, quickly categorize them under BITCHY or NICE...

I shall try to categorize them in your perspective because in my perspecti
ve, no one is bitchy.Oh by the way, please try to think the people below are normal people and not celebrities. Oh and try to imagine that all pictures below are candid.

You might want to skip this because it doesn't really make sense

hmm?? Normal not necessarily nice but not bitchy either

Some semi-bitchy looking model

Geeky looking nice person

Bitchy doe-eyed model who can't model.
Someone needs to tell her that her dress is stuck on a tree

Nice smiley faced bubbly person

Aaaaaahhh slutty bitch alert. Somebody shield my eyes.

Smiley faced blondie who is nice

Mean bitch *runs away*

Our brains automatically categorize non smiling people as bitches and smiling or wierd looking people as nice.

In case you are seriously dumb!! I used the same people so that I can prove my theory that we categorize people as bitchy although they aren't. One minute they are nice and the next minute they are bitchy. People shouldn't be called bitchy based on the way they look or stand or blablabla.

From now on, I am going to stop calling people bitchy. Instead, I shall use more appropriate words such as bossy, mean, rude, snobbish, manipulative and so on. And I also vow to stop judging people based on appearance.

If you are actually still reading this crap, I am proud of you and would like to ask you a question...

What is the definition of BITCHY???

Because as far as I know, the word bitchy comes from the word bitch which means female dog. So bitchy should mean someone who is female and walks on 4 legs and barks..

Cheryl Anne

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Monday, November 24, 2008

My new Hobby

Hello hello my friends..

Do you remember when you were in standard 1 and you would have to read all these stupid nonsansical paragraph which goes something like this...

My name is Ali.
I have a hobby.

It is something I do during my free time.

I collect stamps as a hobby.

Ok seriously.


I mean look at them. They are hideous. Why in the world did people even invent them? Aren't stamps just a total waste of paper.

Actually I don't think stamps are made of paper. They feel slightly different. Just like magazines. Stamps feel like magazines.

Well, stamps are a waste of that thinggy used to make magazines. and this is polluting my beautiful planet.

So, I always wondered wheather people actually do collect stamps and if yes, what those wierdos actually see in stamps.

I found out that stamp collectors actually do exist. One of my mothers friends son collects them.
And I know what they see in stamps too. One day, I saw a picture of a stamp and I realised that

Stamps are actually pretty and beautiful and not so hideous looking!!!!

I am very very proud to say that I appreciate the beauty of postage stamps *claps hands and pats chest in a very proud manner*. So I have decided to take up stamp collecting as my new hobby.

Because, lately, I haven't been making good use of my free time. This is what I do

Eat.Sleep..Smile..Watch TV..Computer..Shop..Cook..Repeat

Since time is supposedly so precious, I am gonna spend my school holiday looking for postage stamps instead of wasting my time doing the activities above.

Now, let me present you the very sparkly postage stamp that I saw.. the one that managed to convert me from a non-believer of the beauty of stamps to a believer..The one that made me realize that...............


Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you the worlds most beautiful, most sexy, most pretty looking, most appealing to eyeballs, most sparkly,most glittery, most extraordinary POSTAGE STAMP

Ta-dah!!. Kimi Raikkonen Postage stamps

See, stamps aren't so bad after all.

Finland has released these very nice looking postage stamps which can only be found in Finland. So if any of you kind people decide to go there and want to buy me a souvenir, do not get me a keychain or some thing stupid like that.. Just get me a stamp..

I shall be posting about my Krabi holiday soon.. I have been very busy searching for stamps so I don't have time to post at the moment..

Oh ya What do you think about the new blog layout??? I think it is super super sparkly..I LOVE LOVE LOVE it...Credits to Bee for sparkly-fying this blog

Cheryl Anne

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Light On.

Cook's ALBUM IS OUT YAY!! But honestly, I hate his album cover. It's somewhat unpleasing to look at...

Agreed? Yes? NO!? Maybe...Let me show you another one, It's his Time Of My Life album.

It's not the best shot of him, but isn't it prettier than the one up there?? *points above*

Something for the David Archuleta fans today. From Rickey.org. It’s the cover of Archie’s upcoming album.

You like?

ETA: It’s way better than the “Crush” cover. Man, those bright pastels made my eyeballs hurt. He looks mature, older–but not sexualized, which would be icky! Heh.

ETAA: The comments on this photo are not to be missed. Y’all are cracking me up. I take the point that the photo looks kinda like a mug shot. Archie without that perpetual smile on his face is a bit of a shock.

I laughed my head off when I saw what ETAA wrote about his album cover looking like a MUG SHOT!! Ahahahahaahahahahahahhahahahahaahha *laughs like an idiot* Those guys really crack me up. I wonder what they'll say about Cook's cover. Maybe nothing at all. Don't care anyway, since I have something to tell all my friends who have FRIENDS characters. Don't get it?


Christine, I'm sure you remember the day you gave me a choice between I think Joey's ex-girlfriend and Ross's pet monkey, Marcell...I think...(maybe I screwed up the names but getting back to the point) I picked the monkey. Because I'd rather be a monkey. Heehee :'D

Isn't it cute? ^^ Yesterday, while watching Kinship 2 on Youtube(I'll blog about that show someother time) I decided to search for Eddie. HAHA. That's so like me isn't it? I slapped my head and realized that I had forgotten that he acted in Friends as Tag Jones.

There we go! EDDIE CAHILL! That's in season 7.

His voice was higher than it is in CSI, and he's supersupersupersuper funny. You know what, I won't talk about his acting in Friends. Go watch it yourself. Then you'll understand why.

That's one video.

And this is two! Go find the rest yourself. LAZY! Watch out for 0:51 his expression was PRICELESS!! :DDDD

I wanna be Tag now! Yeah? Okay, I'm crapping nonsensical stuff again. Don't mind me.

The last of my rants, but certainly NOT EVER EVAH THE LEAST!!!
Being the lifeless noob I am, while searching for Eddie in Friends, I came across a promo video of CSI:NY season 5.

And now I am proud to say, I have CSI:NY season 5 ^^ on my ipod!!!!

Well, the most current episode...WOO HOO!! So obviously you know how I've been spending my holidays. Cahill's still awesomely hot :) And he get a hell lot more of screen time because




I don't care lah. I want to spoil it for all of you.

As I was saying, because of his sister. Sam, that's causing a lot of problems for him and the few times he tries to find out whats going on with her. *babbles on like an idiot*

I bet you guys are confused now...How can a promo video suddenly turn into CSI:NY season 5. Too bad. I'm bored of blogging. HAHA! (I bet your tired of my rants too) *sigh*



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Friday, November 14, 2008

My special Buddies and err Countries??

Ahhhh, it has been a week since I declared my freedom. Before I declared my freedom, I would daydream about how much fun I would have and how good I would feel but shockingly, I am not as happy and joyful as I thought I would be.

Anyway, I am proud to say that I have finished this school year. This year passed quickly. I can still remember January which feels like yesterday. As a conclusion, Form two was a pretty good year. I made new friends and didn't make new enemies * praises self*...

and most of all, I had a friend for the whole year. no fights, no feuds, just friendship.
Who is this friend of mine??? lets find out.

is it Abigail??

Nope, I fought with her for a while when I was at war with her cousin. And there was also some stupid rumour going around that she was angry that I stole her boyfriend or whatever. By the way, I didn't do anything of that sort. I am too kindhearted to do stuff like that.

is it Yau??

No we had some giant feud that lasted a few months.


She almost made it but on the last day of school we had a fight. Luckily she decided to apologise or else it would have lasted a few months. Let me tell you what happened.

Cheryl left christines test paper ont the table in class but she forgot that she left it there. so when Christine asked where it was, Cheryl said she left it on Pn Aminah's table.

Christine: Why are you so mean?? Why do you want her to minus my marks?

Cheryl : If she wants to minus marks, she will have to do it to the whole form? So there is no difference

Christine : Do you really think she is going to do that??
Cheryl : Yah.. She has to

Christine : Whats your problem?

Cheryl : I am not going to let you beat me just because I got something correct and I am actually smarter than you!!!

Christine : I got 90 for science you got 91. I didn't beat you!!
Cheryl : You'll beat me in position. I will not let that happen just because I got something correct and you got it wrong. I am smarter than you

Christine : Since you are so smart why do you keep getting credit for all the NSW test??

Cheryl : Blablabla I got my answer correct . I am smarter than you and I won't let you beat me.

Chrisitine : *cry*

Yau: *pets christine *

Cheryl : Oh why don't I cry too so everyone can come and pity me??

a few minutes later
Christine : Hey Cheryl, Sorry

Cheryl : oh very good * hugs christine*

Christine : Aren't you gonna say sorry

Cheryl : Oh ya Sorry

Well actually it was so stupid because the paper was in class and I actually had no intention on bringging her paper to teacher but because she called me mean I didn't want her to out argue me.. Honestly I don't know why she cried?? what did I do? She called me mean and insulted me for getting credit.. and I am not the only one who thinks I am smart. Christine , yau and bee have all admitted that I am the smartest in our circle of friends.

So who is the person??
It is Mallek Aminullah.
I haven't fought with him for the entire years and I am proud of myself. Very proud in fact. * nods head and shows proud face*.

I think it is much easier to be friends with guys compared to girls.. Girls tend to think they are always right and are also very very very sensitive.. I mean seriously. Girls keep crying over every small matter.
example : A girl finds out that someone spread a rumor that she is fat and stupid. She will start to cry.

Where is crying going to get you??

Instead, you should get back at the bitch and ask yourself, "Am I fat and stupid??". if you think you are not, tell yourself that the other girl is just jealous of you or has mad cow or something. by crying, you are letting her win. so DON'T CRY.

Girls need to learn that some peoples brains simply do not function and shouldn't care so much about what others think. If you are happy with who you are, thats Fantastic. Who cares if some stupid ding dong thinks your hair is ugly?? Don't go change your hair just because of her. But of course if you hate it too then you should change your hair.

Oh ya. one more thing. I think some girls can't handle the truth.

example: Caroline asks her friend if her dress is pretty. Her friend says it looks like shit. Caroline gets angry.
Firstly, Caroline asked so she shouldn't get angry. If she wants to hear someone say her dress is pretty, She should just record her voice saying yes and press play....

Sorry about all the grumbling and jibber-jabber. If you are actually reading this crap...

Anyway, I shall not be posting from Tuesday to Sunday as I am off to Krabi ( Thailand)

I go to Thailand like every year..Mostly because I LOVE LOVE LOVE Thailand and because it is cheap.
I don't know why I love it so much. maybe it is because I am part Siamese so I feel very comfortable and at home when I am there.

And the people there are actually very friendly.
People usually think Asians are unfriendly..But the people in Thailand are actually very nice. Thats why Thailand is known as "The Land of Smiles" or Siam. See Australians and New Zealanders aren't the only friendly people around.

They go around saying Sawadee Ka (girls) and Sawadee Krap (guys)..And when you go shopping at those hooligan-ish places like on the street or something.. sort of like bargain hunting, The storekeepers come up to you and..
Flash thier calculators in your face and say " I give you good price, madame." They always start with some ridiculous price then they will give you thier calculator and say " What price you want??"..

I shall post about my trip when I return.

Wait a minute.. I just realised something.

What do you call people from Denmark, Iceland and Papua New Guinea??

Generally there are a few types..

There are the

"ese" (Vietnamese, Chinese, Burmese)

(Finnish, English, Polish)

"ans" (Malaysians, Singaporeans, Australians)

and there is just plain retarded where the word just changes.. (French, Kiwi)

So, what do you call people/things from those countries above??

I am sure you don't call them Denmarkish or Denmarkese or Denmarkens. Because those just sound bloody stupid

If you know the answer, Please tell me

Cheryl Anne

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Monday, November 10, 2008

I'm late :D

I know, I know.
I'm like four days late for my "IT'S THE FRIGGIN END OF THE FINALS. HELL YEA. I HOPE I DON'T SEE ANOTHER BOOK UNTIL PMR." nonsensical crap celebration post.

Woo Hoo!! I am happy beyond words. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY.

I honestly want to post about Eddie again but I'm holding back.for now. So I can talk about the other stuff that I missed out (?)

Eh, I don't even know what I'm talking about now. Damn blur like whats mentioned in Christine's blog.

Uhm...Ah...Oh Ya! No pictures cause I'm feeling lazy. And I always break my "I PROMISE I'LL GET PICTURES PROMISE" though I'll probably bring my camera to school on the last day so there will/might be pictures...


Forget what I said up there.

You must watch Quantum of Solace as Cheryl posted below mine, GO READ ABOUT THAT.
It's friggin awesomness. But Eddie would look better, YEAH??

Secondly, for all you retarded idiots out there *COUGHcheryljeremymallekkadriCOUGH* and others that did NOT come for telematch '08. YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU MISSED LA!!! It was so worth the aching body parts the next day right? JJYauChristineSiewJunSooYin

I am proud to say that I can climb a rope. Such an experience.
Cards are bad for health! YES?NO? Definatly a YES!

Sleep. I love sleeping. I pretty much lost about a few days worth
of sleep studying for those crap exams that I'm going to fail, and already failed. But I don't care. All you kiasu idiots out there can go waste your life hugging books like they're your life and not get street smart...and well end up getting killed trying to cross a road. HA! I'm so mean.

I like saving the best for last....WAIT FOR IT....I know you guys know who/what I'm talking about


EDDIE CAHILL!!!!!! swooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon!

Why must he be so HOT? I finished CSI:NY season 1 after sitting infront of the computer for 10 hours. Why not the TV you ask? My sister hogs the tv. And besides, if I watch i
t on my laptop, I can bring it to my room and not get disturbed by anyone. Genius. I've actually gotten used to the fact that Eddie had long hair last time. No matter what, he's still HOTHOTHOTHOTHOTHOT!!

Third from left. SEE, HE'S TALL. NOW WHO SAYS HE'S SHORT?? HUH?? 6'2 of Italian-Irish GLORY.

Oh man, I couldn't resist the temptation of posting this picture. Eddie's got a BIG trophy!! :D He looks cute there right? It's like: I love you trophy... <3

I hate blogger. It has some serious issues man.



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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Oh no....its a TAG

After months of procrastination, I have finally decided to do Regina's tag. She must be supe proud of me. You see, I have a problem with words. When I see too many words squashed up at a place without any pictures or colorful stuff, my brain doesn't process information properly and I go all haywire. So managing to complete a tag is a big deal for me

Tagged by Regina
3 names u go by:

3 screen names u have had:
>Cheryl Anne
I don't use computers so I don't have many screen names. I'll just make them up

3 physical things u like abt yourself:
>the shape of my legs..I like the shape but I would love it if they were like 3 inches longer..
>my eyes. they are not freaking nice or something but for an Asian, I think they are relatively
>my stomach. After months of doing 100 sit ups a day, I finally achieved a flat stomach.

3 physical things u don't like abt yourself:
>my height!! I am only 5 feat and friggin 3.5 inches. I would like to be 5'7 or 5'8
I think that is the optimum height. 5'10 like those Victoria's Secret Models is just too tall for a

> My skin.. I seriously have horrible horrible skin but I don't really care about it because skin
can be treated easily. I'd rather have ugly skin than to be fat. because fats are hard to loose
but I can just go to a dermatologist and I'll be fine in a few weeks.
> My nose. I seriously dislike my nose. its my least favourite feature.

3 parts of your heritage:
>Half Chinese
>Quarter Siamese (Thai)
>Quarter Burmese

3 things that scare u:

>chickens.. The word itself makes me shiver. I cried when my evil little brother tried to touch
me with a chicken key chain. My father is scared of these disgusting creatures too. So maybe its
hereditary or something
>Puan Norehan's face. If I was sleeping and I suddenly saw a giant Norehan In front of me, the
neighbors will probably wake up. Norehan TERRIFIES innocent souls

Ahhh its a ghost.. I'm so scared *shows frightened face*

3 of your everyday essentials:
>Universal Solvent and Ice cream

so colorful..Mmmm HUNGREeeeee

>Talking. Seriously can't spend more than 30 minutes of not talking unless I'm asleep.
>Kimi Raikkonen pictures..These are essential esp
ecially during tests. They have a calming
effect. So I can absorb knowledge better and faster.

3 things u r wearing now:

>pink silk nightgown*feels clothes*
>panties *checks colour* Pink panties with sparkly cherries on them...Super Kawaii

3 of yr favourite bands or music arts:
>The BATTLE. from the soundtrack of The Chronicles of Narnia * sings the Battle and conducts*

For Narnia and for Aslan

>Vivaldi's The Four Seasons

>All songs from The Phantom of the Opera (All I ask of you, Think of me etc.etc)

3 things u wanna do really badly right NOW:

>Dance. Really feel like blasting the music and start dancing around.
>go Shopping. Seriously need to shop. I have a list of stuff that I want. (Boot-cut jeans, Vest from
Esprit, new dress, white bikini etc.etc.)
>Watch Gossip Girl

3 careers you`re considering/considered before:

>Cardio-thoracic Surgeon or some kind of specialist (neurologist or endocrinologist)
>1st ever female Formula 1 Driver. which is obviously not going to happen because my daddy
is not like Mr Hamilton or Mr Massa or Mr Raikkonen ( father of Lewis Hamilton, father of
Felipe Massa, Father of Kimi Raikkonen) who took up 3 jobs each to fund thier childrens
career. *wipes tear away*

Honestly, these are the only two jobs that I would want but since the tag asks for 3 I'll just search for one more.....hmm??
>1st ever Asian Victoria's Secert Angel. Again, not happening...I'll make them go out of business.
then Mrs Victoria will go bankrupt.

3 places u want to go on vacation:
>Helsinki, Finland

>Italy..Can go to Milan for a shopping spree then go to Rome to learn history+ enjoy delicious
food and maybe buy a Ferrari

>Whistler, Canada. I plan to learn to ski like a professional. I like snow. There is just something
about its whiteness and softness that makes me like it. Well if I can't ski, I can just make

Ooooohh SNOW. so pretty

3 things u want to do before u DIE:
>Perform a surgery on someone. I wanna slice open a persons chest with a scalpel.
>Ride a Polar Bear

Now if only I could climb onto the bear and make sure I don't drop when it stands up

>Spend Christmas in a country that snows. I can have the white Christmas that I have been
dreaming of.* pulls pajamas and tilts head to the right and leaves jaw hanging open like stupid

5 ppl that u Tag:



>Rou En

>Hui Li

Gotta sleep..*crosses finger that a good dream will come tonight*

Cheryl Anne

P.S. Most of the stuff that I write when I do tags don't make sense or are just made up as I go along. So don't make listen to them

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