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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ultra Special Blah Blah Blah 4

Ahhhhhh! Cheryl, hey, Cheryl.
Did you go to school today? I bet you did. But whenever you go, I don't and whenever I go, you don't :'(

How saddening. And for once, I have a valid reason why I didn't come to school.

Food poisoning and stomach aches and fever! YES! But I'm blogging. HAHA. hell.
Oh that reminds me, Soo Yin! If you suddenly decide to read this post, did you get food poisoning or anything? Because if you did, then we can sue the school for they're wantans ^^
Hell yea, money! I'm officially not eating wantans from school anymore. BOYCOTT!

I decided to post on...I have no idea. So yeah. Bored. No superbly long posts this time.

And suddenly, It strikes! Let's talk about food that I'm scared of. (I'll post pictures later.)

1. Luncheon Meat O.O
This icky thing doesn't deserve to be put on shelves in our supermarket. Its like processed meat/pork that has a ton of chemicals in it and it's bad for our health. Honestly, this scares me if its on my table. IT DOES, IT REALLY DOES! Thank God, Singapore has banned this. Hell yea! Singapore rocks.

2. Pork/Char Siu
As much as I'm free to eat pork, once again, it scares me too. AHHHH! The fat, the fat. I just can't stand it. So bouncy...*shudders* I avoid pork. Period.

3. Chicken skin.
Cheryl doesn't like this too. I think. I'll ask her tommorow. Not when it's fried la, but when the its steamed. Agh! it's exactly the same as pork fat. Eww.

4. Mayonaise.
Yau loves this stuff. As for me, once again. I cannot stand it! Ahhhh. So..so *unexplainable* But of course I eat it when I have no other choice.

5. (Edit) Blood cubes.
Found in almost any curry noodles outside of school. Nasty stuff. Cooked blood then frozen in cubes then added to curry noodles. IT'S FRIGGIN BLOOD. I'M LIKE NO BLOODTHIRSTY VAMPIRE, KNOW? ewwwewww. By the way, Cheryl reminded me of this.

I got nothing. I guess I'll update when I remember more stuff I hate. At the end of this you must wonder. Why don't she just become a friggin vegetarian! I've been wondering that myself -_-"
I like rice. If you'd like to know XD


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Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Penang trip

Greetings fellow friends....
Guess who is back???
The one and only Cheryl Anne, future ruler of the universe.

I bet you guys are all like
" Yaaay Cheryl Anne is back... And she is safe and healthy. Thank God. Or else we have to continue studying because there will be nobody to demolish studying for us "

Cheryl Anne loves you too!!

The trip was actually quite boring..But at least I got to skip school!!!
Woohooo no need to look at Jeet and Norehan for 2 Days!!! * pumps fists into the air and smiles*

The Saman

Did I tell you that we got samaned for speeding on t
he highway.. Those police have nothing better to do. They should be sent to catch robbers and murderers instead of samaning me...Can I see a show of hands...Who agrees with me??

Exactly..Its not like we were going to bang anybody right.

Dad : Selamat pagi Encik * takes out wallet and flashes a few RM50 to give the police false hope*

Polis : Aaah macam mana?? ( that fag fell for my daddy's trick)

Dad : Samanlah.. * Shows the I am smarter than you hand gesture*

Did I tell you that the last time the police caught my dad my genius father took out his wallet and pretended to be interested in bribing the police so t
he police let him go...and instead of bribing, my father just zooomed off..( I come from a family of geniuses...Einstein is my great great grandfather)... Do you see the resemblance??

Ah Kong the Grumpy

This is my daddy's daddy.. he is one unfriendly grumpy head. We stopped at Ipoh to attend his birthday lunch. He was unfriendly as usual.

Cheryl Anne : Hi Ah Kong!!

Grandfather : Uuum

Cheryl Anne : Happy Birthday!! * hopes for a real answer *

Grandfather : Uuum

Don't know what his problem is... That guy thinks he is too good to talk to Cheryl Anne!!
I mean seriously.. I am Cheryl Anne!!!! future ruler of the world.. I'll throw him to my tempat buangan banduan. Hah padan muka for that old man...

Random thinggys at Prince of Wales Island aka Penang

It was so boring at my granny's house..Seriously Nothing to Do... then suddenly I discovered the game that all the old people play..The one and only Mah Jong!!!...

Of course I had my good old Sejarah text book with me... Look its Sharif Masahor, my hero!!.

Oh ya..see that old lady here... Thats my grandma.. She is nice.


My grandmother sold her old proton saga and replaced it with a new proton saga. So she decided to buy us dinner at the hotel that we stayed in....

Obviously we also went around eating hawker food..

At the Hotel

We stayed at Park Royal Hotel..I give it a 6/10...Probably the best at Batu Feringghi now that stupid Rasa Sayang decided to become chi spa blabla whatever and don't allow children below 18 and make thier rooms so friggin expensive ...Hahaha now they are always empty and nobody stays there...Who asked them to ban Cheryl Anne from going there!! * shows the snobbish face*

I am called flat b*tch for a reason...

Her Royal Highness Cheryl Anne

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Ultra Special Blah Blah Blah 2

Honestly, I'm getting bored of titles. BAH! TO HELL WITH 'EM

I am officially going back to my original way, in which I would stone and play video games everyday all day. Whoopee for me. Hui Li will understand how much Final Fantasy means to me. I know you know. Recently, I also got addicted to serial drama's. Anyone heard of Kinship on AEC? It's good. You guys should watch it XD BAHAHAHAHA. Cheryl Anne the MAGNIFICENT is in Penang.


Cheryl Anne wants to learn how to smile. So she asked me to post a picture so she can stare at it 24/7 and hopefully, get a nice smile before she rules the world and gets her posters placed on every wall on her planet. HAHAHA. That was made up. She just wants to smile -_-


Cheryl Anne

Cheryl, you missed Norehan being ULTRA NICE TODAY!!! and what she taught us actually made sense. Oh god! *spazz*
You are also missing the numerous times that Abi gets hit with paper balls. Not that I get it targeted at me, its just that the balls always misfire and end up hitting me. I FEEL SO LOVED~
(sense the sarcasm)

Oh and you missed me laughing like a maniac when Mallek, JJ and Kadri started talking about Grand Theft Auto. I laughed for 1 hour straight at every single word they said. Funny or not.
You should have seen Christine and Yau's face. They we're like: Why is Bee laughing so hard...Even the sadistic Yau didn't laugh at the sadistic parts. Or Hardly....Then JJ and Kadri claims the reason I was a maniac was because I actually understood the game and they didn't. I feel acomplished. Syok sendiri! :DDDDDD

I bored. I don't feel like studying. So don't be surprise if suddenly I drop class next year. Hell.

Oh yeah, since I didn't wish brother happy birthday on this blog...
Am I nice or what? Haha. No pictures because, I don't take pictures.
And Man U does not suck. Liverpool just got lucky. BAH!


-Well most of us. Excluding Cheryl Anne and Bee and Christine and Yau and IDK-who but you know it's you as long as your failing your monthly exams on purpose then THATS YOU.

SO CONGRATS TO YOU. To hell with exams! I declare freedom. (Sorry, student independence issue here.)



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Monday, September 15, 2008

Don't be sad Cheryl Anne. The world loves you :D

Title states it.

WARNING: There might be a hell lot of mistakes (grammatical) because I'm using my laptop T.T
ARGH! Can't type properly. Pictures will be one day updated. Yeah? KTHXBYE!! :3

Be sad and lonely, cry your heart out. Make everyone listen to what you need to ramble about.
Then eat ice-cream :DD

Because ice-cream GOOD.

Anyways, don't be sad. You keep saying this:
When I grow up, I am going to be a bachelorette. I'll probably be the type that has a boyfriend for a few weeks or maybe even get married but in the end I'll be single again. I have the tendency to get really close to someone...then one beautiful morning, I'll realise that I hate that person like hell....

How would you know that your life will end up like this. You still have many years ahead of you Cheryl. But if you keep declaring that you will be a bachelorette, you probably will become one...because that is like a mindset. *BLABLABLARANTS* So firstly, say this:


All done. Cheryl Anne way.

And. We hardly ever keep in contact with our primary friends. See, I don't talk to my best friend anymore. And to think 2 years ago, it seemed like we're inseparable. But now we're both living two totally different lives. As long as you know that there really are people that care about you, and are like really there to help you when you're like damn sad or whatever that's all that matters. *BLABLABLARANTS*

-Severe interference. At least 20 minutes away from this blog post.-

Back! Okay, uhm. Like what Siew Jun says, no one lives a perfect life. So obviously, there are going to be ups and downs in our lives right? So no one's life is like BRIGHT AND SPARKLY :D
Like mine for example, stupid bitch who locks you up in the office and blabbers on like shit.
But, I just shrug it off and make myself sick (for other reasons). Then I'll be happy again, after I curse the person a million times. *BLARANTS THAT MAKE NO SENSE*
Please don't pay attention to my rants. Pfft.

Well wrapping this up because I like am out of idea's and well I need to go toilet and I don't want people to listen to my rants any longer because it wastes their time. (SEE. I JUST WASTED TIME. AGAIN!)

You are a great friend Cheryl. Sure we've had a few arguments, but that's part of life. And in the end, we're all still friends. You're the only one who managed to make me happy when I came crying to school. Thought me the "I AM ___insert name_____AND I'M NOT GOING TO LET SOME STUPID THING GET IN MY WAY.
You're the one who went and patch friendships up because I was too scared to do it. You may not see it too, but you're a kind friend too Cheryl Anne. See it rhymes too. *BLABLABLARANTS*

Cheryl you're a great friend and you'll probably have a very sparkly future ahead. :)
Like Tyra Banks says: Which girl do you think would be more vulnurable, the one that cries her heart out. Or the one that puts on a tough face and doesn't cry when she needs too.

Oh god. I need to go. -_-"


DISCLAIMER: If I have hurt your feelings in any ways. SORRY TO THE WORLD. I BEG YOUR FORGIVENESS. *will be updated tmrw* w/ colour and be-dazzling stuff.



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Saturday, September 13, 2008

When I grow up........

Last night, I went to bed feeling all sad and lonely.

Now I understand why my friends cry. The normal who Cheryl Anne is usually smiling and laughing like a lembu gila actually cried last night... for NO APPARENT REASON...
Its probably the Borderline Personality Disorder..( I'll enlighten you on my condition some other time )..

Anyway, this morning I woke up and suddenly it hit me like the tennis ball that hits my head every Friday..

When I grow up, I am going to be a bachelorette. I'll probably be the type that has a boyfriend for a few weeks or maybe even get married but in the end I'll be single again. I have the tendency to get really close to someone...then one beautiful morning, I'll realise that I hate that person like hell....

This applies for friends as well. I realised that I am not in touch with any of my friends from primary school or from church..I don't even have many friends in my school now....My oldest friends would be Su Yin ( she is actually a distant cousin) and Regina. Both went to kindergarten with me...For some reason, I always get into fights with people and...The End. Our friendship is OVER..I am thankful that Yau and Bee and Christine have forgiven me several times.

So, I am thinking.. if all goes as planned, I am going to be a doctor who later decided to open a chain of hospitals all over the world. Who lives in a house 5x bigger and better than Mia's ( from princess diaries) , owns her own orchestra, team of stylists and obviously a few chefs..

And have no one to share My Life with....*sob*
poor poor Cheryl Anne...

Then, I was thinking about my friends..

Hows thier future going to be like??

Will it be bright and shiny or dull and boring

The 1st person who popped up on my mind was

Cheng Siew Jun..............

Siew jun is definitely one of the nicest and kindest person I have ever known... In my oppinion, She'll probably grow up and have a Bright Sunny future... I can imagine her becoming a doctor or a vet...( I don't know what her ambition is, this is just my opppinion) because she likes helping others..

The next person I thought of was

Yau Hui Min.....

I think she is going to grow up and be really rich!! She'll have a fantastic job with a big paycheck..Definitely a competitor for the Worlds Richest Person spot!!

Christine Kuan...........

This Dimwit wants to become an architect..But I think she would make a good writer..Not like some famous author or something but maybe like Lat ( the guy who wrote kampung boy). or maybe a PROFESSIONAl BAJU KURUNG CUTTER....

But who knows..Maybe she'll end up on my very own team of architects..

Abigail Choong

My Blogger buddy...I can picture her being a book illustrator because she draws really really well.. she wants to be a zoologist which is something that suits her too.. I think she can have her own show on National Geographic...I wonder if she has ever thought of being the ambassador of a car shampoo brand??

I've got to go...


Cheryl Anne

P.S. Cheryl Anne is sorry if her post insulted you in any way * puts on the fake apologetic look and the fake nice tone that she gives to Norehan*

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cheryl Anne's fave snacks

Greetings fellow Earth-ens

Cheryl Anne, the genius who is going to be the nex
t fat pig in town unless she stops eating here...

Lately, Cheryl has been eating a lot of snacks. I mean seriously, I eat almost anything I can gets my hands on. From marshmallows to cold pasta.

Everyday, Cheryl Anne goes to the fridge to hunt for snacks..

Here are some of her favorites..

For Unhealthy People who wanna get Fat

- Mars Bars

This yummy candy bar which consist of chocolate and caramel and nougat is the yummiest
candy bar ever!! * tummy rumbling *

- Honey

Unlike Winnie the Pooh who eats a jar at a time, Cheryl Anne eats this in small amounts because it is way to sweet. Honey is also good for health.

- Snickers

Another yummy candy bar. This is exactly like mars bars but it has some peanuts inside.

- Raisins soaked in Universal Solvent

The genius, Cheryl Anne soaks raisins in universal solvent for 1 hour so they become nice and plump. I know they look disgusting and soggy and the water looks like pee because it is yellow but looks can be deceiving. They taste damn good.Yau and Christine, my fellow eating machines love them too.

- Baby Mooncakes

These are soooo cute and they are quite delicious too.

- Apples

Yummy+Healthy= Apples... I like Apples

- Homemade Cupcakes

Oooooh they're so pretty.. and they taste really really good.

- Marshmallows

The genius decided to roast them over the stove one day..and it actually turned out ok.

Cheryl Anne is going to go find something to eat. Have a nice day

Cheryl Anne

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Swan Lake

You must be wondering ' why in the world is Cheryl Anne blogging about Swan Lake"

Well, the answer is because I love Swan Lake.

In my point of view, it is undoubtedly the best ballet ever created. Everything about it , the music, the choreography, the storyline is just so beautiful.

As A Story

Odette is a princess who gets becomes a swan during the day ever since she was cursed by von Rothbart, the evil magician. Prince Siegfried was about to kill Odette. Fortunately, he realised that she was a beautiful woman and NOT a swan. He Immediately falls in love with her and promises to break the spell.

At the ball, von Rothbart brings his daughter Odile who looks exactly like Odette. The prince dances with Odile who was clad in black. Thinking she was Odette, he declared his love for her, and made Rothbarts spell UNBREAKABLE ( the spell can only be broken if Odette's true love declares his love for her and only her)

Noticing his mistake, the prince goes to the lake to meet Odette. When Rothbart comes , Prince Siegfried kills him and breaks the curse.

As a Ballet

During its premiere in 1877, it was considered a failure and many critics found that Tchaikovsky's score was too complicated for ballet and was too difficult to be danced. However, in 1895, which was two years after the death of Tchaikovsky, Pepita revived Swan lake, which is now considered the most famous ballet.

Unlike Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake wasn't famous and didn't dominate the repertory of Mariinsky Theatre in its first season.

In case you don't know, the old man above is Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, the brains behind Swan Lake , The Sleeping Beauty and The Nutcracker, three of the worlds most famous ballets.

And he is gay by the way

If you like classical music, you have probably heard swan lake before but if you haven't , you must listen to it!!! You won't regret it


Cheryl Anne

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Finally a new Tag


Sisters : none

Brothers : one...his name is Darren and he is not as magnificent as me

Shoe size: approximately 5

Height : 5 feet 3.5. I plan to continue growing. Hopefully till I reach at least 165cm

Where do you live : Planet Earth ( soon to be called Cheryl Anne Land )

Favourite Drinks : Definitely the all time favourite...the one and only

Have you ever been on a plane : Yup....many times

Swam in the ocean : Yes...it was fun. The best was in Hawaii. The water is really clear like
as clear as the Pulau Payar ( marine park in malaysia )

Fallen asleep in school : Me...Fall asleep while teacher is teaching...No Way!!!
I am always busy listening to teacher especialy Jeet and Norehan

Broken someone's heart : I am to kind to do things like that...I mean I am Cheryl Anne

Fell off your chair : Definitely. But I can't remember..
Oh the other day, the Dimwit sitting next to me in class was trying to grab
something from the table beside her then suddenly.......BAM!!!
She was on the floor

Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : Cheryl Anne is to great for waiting for
phone calls

Saved e-mails : I don't even check my e-mail..so NO

What does your room look like : Yellow walls.. very messy

What is the last thing you ate : Marshmallows roasted over the stove

Ever had Chicken pox : No..My doctor thinks I have natural Immunisation

Sore throat : Of coarse

Stitches : No.. I am not really clumsy

What's right beside you : A Chair

Do you believe in love at first sight : No

Like picnics : Cheryl Anne loves picnics..but only if it is at a nice park with lots of flowers

Who was the last person you danced with : My little bro. we tried to dance to the
Waltz from Swan Lake

Last made you smile: My brother again.. he tickled me

Did you talk to someone you like : I like everyone except Keng han.. so Yes

Do you eat healthy : Most of the time.. But I can't resist CHOCOLATE

Have you ever cried because of something someone said to you : I am Cheryl Anne. I don't cry

Are you loud or quiet most of the time : Noisy..but I am really quiet during class

Are you confident : In certain areas..

Things on my to-do list today : Study Sejarah topic 7
Drink universal solvent
Learn how to do the waltz

The 5 ppl I tag are : Rou En
Wen qi
Xian ting
Soo Yin

If you see this do it... I am to lazy to type in your chatbox


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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Happy Birthday to Cheryl Anne the Magnificent!!!!


Yesterday was my birthday....probably my worse birthday ever
You would think that on my birthday I would be happy and smiley and laughing like crazy..
but I woke up feeling rather sad because my mother was still shunning me...
but she actually gave me a present. She got me Body Shop products

Anyway, for the first time in history...
I felt much happier in school...


Siew Jun
Rou En
Hui Li
Soo Yin
Xian Ting
Yin Yin
Wen Qi
Zhou Ling
Xin Ling

For wishing me and cheering me up

and special thanks to those who gave me presents...( I made your name purple )

Thanks for all the lovely presents....

Here are some pictures......



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