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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tell Me.

Is it wrong for someone to speak their mother tongue?

Is it RUDE, to speak your mother tongue?

Does it give a certain individual who doesn't understand the language spoken the right to scold another?

This is the real world we're living in. There are many different cultures out there, thus many different languages.

They were merely communicating amongst themselves using their mother tongue, they weren't EVEN bothering you. What was so "WRONG" in your eyes, to the extend that you just HAD to complain to pengetua? And now, they owe you an apology??? That's just too much. You're so full of yourself.

GROW UP. You're not a kid anymore.

I think you'd probably cry if someone told you the exact same thing you told them.

Victory in the race of time.

The first half of the year is over, can you still accomplish what you missed out earlier?
As in everything in our lives, the second half is always more important than the first.
Because the second half of the year is where we get to accomplish what we could not in the first half.
Just like in a football match, where the second half is more exciting than the first. Even though everyone is exhausted and tired.
For it is in the second half that the teams get to achieve the critical goals within the time that is left.

I hardly pay attention to the bulletins the ushers hand out in my church. But this particular one caught my attention last week. Well, it went something like that. Can't really remember all >.< sleep=good

Ooh, and since I'm talking about sports, MICHAEL SCHUMACHER IS GOING TO FILL IN FOR MASSA WHILE HE RECOVERS! Yesssss! Isn't that FANTASTIC?!! *skips around* The best piece of news alive :DDDDD

Soy feliz!

Abigail :D

P.S. Hah. My lack of blogging has resulted in a really long-nonsensical-talking-to-myself post.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009


G'day mate's!
Cheryl's in the land down under! :D
She's skipping school for nearly a month, if you count her self quarantine.
Please pray that she doesn't come back with H1N1.

Lucky girl. She gets to skip Usha's science class of doom for three weeks >:O


United we stand, divided we fall.

12 more days left. What will be the outcome?

Abigail. needs to study!! D:

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