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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Uhm. HI? :D

Ah, does anyone even read this blog already?

It's so...DEAD.

I had a rush of nostalgia yesterday. Made me realize how I haven't been a crazy whackdoodle for the past year running around from game shop to game shop in One Utama searching for the latest Kingdom Hearts game. So I slapped myself and said: HOW COULD YOU ABANDON THE GAME THAT YOU USED TO PLAY UNTIL YOU WHACKED SEPHIROTH A GABAJILLION TIMES WITH YOUR EYES CLOSED??!?!?

Dang. I have failed you.

It all started with this. KH1 (not Keng Han okay! That's an insult, really.)
I remember the first time that I got my PS2, the first game I played on it was Kingdom Hearts (thanks to a bunch of friends who yapped about it non-stop in primary) So I just had to try it out myself otherwise I'd be lost in their convo and it seemed pretty cool. Bonking the heartless on their heads with a KEY! XD

*sigh* Good times, good times.

Tetsuya Nomura is a pure genius. Nothing but respect for him! Who would've thought of combining the well known kick ass Final Fantasy characters like,

Yours truly, Cloud Strife (squeel girls, squeel!)

Add a dash of Tifa's Seventh Heaven

Revamp FF 8's Seifer, Fuujin and Raijin to add to Roxas's misery.

Throw in some miniature sized Gullwings, to make things cute-sy.

And some pain a la Yuffie. (But where's Vincent Valentine?! T.T)

With some old school disn
ey classics,

Beauty and the Beast? O.O

Atlantica...Mermaid Sora ahoy!

Roar Sora Roar! XD Arabian Knights, anyone?

(The only time you get to ride Carpet and hit Genie with a key XD)

and my personal favorite: Stuck in the Honey Tree, oh de-de-dear, TTFN's Winnie teh Pooh!

Oh they had Pirates of the Caribbean too! Sadly there's no RUM, rumrumrum. Otherwise Sora might end up like this:

Poor Sora...he can't hold his drinks :'D (credits to the krazy-chibi@dA.com)

Not forgetting the Nomura factor, you add his famous original characters,

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's just the
SKY...Sora. Um, geddit? Sky in Japanese is Sora. Ahaha...It's a lame pun.

Riku, once again Nomura's genius-ness to create awesome characters. Eh? Eh? Riku pwns Sora any day. (I'd put him first but Sora's pun had to be the starting :D) Btw, his name means land.

Kairi. I have nothing to say about her...How saddening. Name means sea. HOHOHO. Uhm. Hui Li's blog has a bigger...ahem. BIGGER picture of her. Go to www.breakablewings.com if you don't like my small ass picture.

All KH2 pictures because...they look better there. Sora stole Mickey's pants in KH1. NYAHAHAHAHA~

My other personal favorite: Organization XIII or XIV now since its rumored or what sort that they got themselves a new member! (Thank you for letting me spoil this moment. I JUST found out myself yesterday. OH EM GEE. I'm so old and behind la. *sobs*) So small picture -.-" I'll uh...try to change it later on.

Speaking of which, I once had a blog named cucumber boy Sora after this video. It's damn funny.

Uhm. I'll get back to you on that video. I can't seem to remember the name O___O"
Edit: I still can't find it...*sobs*

Come to think of it, I wonder where it went...*searches google for blog*

Finally, you add the quirky-ness that makes it an unforgetable game.

And poof! You have...

Well, part of it. I didn't list down everything...ARE YOU CRAZY?

Go Wiki them if you're the sad person who's NEVER EVER PLAYED THE GAME. I feel your pain brotha/sista.

Uhm. Ohkay. I'm like bored of typing now. I'll update tomorrow. *FATCHANCE!*

I'm now off to search for the new KH game which I got like in 2007 but it was in Japanese, so I struggled through it. And I just found out that they released the English version in December 08.
Oh god.



P.S. I'm gonna go back to my roots and start blogging about the things I really loved back when I was in primary and Form 1. So obviously it won't be Eddie Cahill. *sigh* how could I forget video games so quick...*slaps self* D:

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Oh my, what a spiteful little post.

I don't feel the need of blogging. HOHOHO. Merry Christmas.

Before you say, GET YOUR DATES AND EVENTS RIGHT idiot, whatever. I don't have the energy to fight with you. School friggin sucks. It like drains all your energy (i.e. the moment I get home, I KO.)

I hope you're reading this Pn Jothi.

YOU SUCK. I'd rather play football with rough guys two times my size and get kicked a gabajillion times than to do your retarded yoga moves during PJ. There goes my freedom of a period. *sigh* The day when I don't have to see her, they just HAD to make me see her.

Have I told you what my upstairs neighbour did today?

It was like I was halfway IM'ing and BOOM. Water comes splashing (btw, the water was dirty, filled with lizard shit and other crap) from the sky onto my floors, windows, clothes, chair and anything in the vincity of it. So I yelled at him from my room telling him he's an inconsiderate bastard, changing my shirt and running upstarirs to yell at him even more this time saying he's totally screwed up , how he only thinks about himself and his mistress and their hell of a noisy daughter and splashing water infront of their house.


I feel angrier already. Thank God their moving out.



P.S. Uh, Oh yeah. What's so good about Michael Castro again? I'd put "you-know-who pwns Castro" but I ain't doing it cause this post has Jothi's name in it.

Perhaps I'd fancy him later on. Sorry MC fans out there.

Personally, I liked this dood better. Eh? Eh? Comments?

AHH. I can't resist but to put this:


See, even he's laughing :D

I'm going off now, FOR REAL and happily. Wow, my mood changes fast.

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Friday, January 9, 2009

Belated New Years Eve and Day

Please imagine that I posted this post a long time ago. I didn't have time to post and I type really slowly.

Anyway, here is the post.

On New Years Eve, my family and I checked in to The Saujana to celebrate.

This is like our tradition. We have been doing this for 5 years because my parents don't like driving home early in the morning because after drinking because the police might come and test their blood alcohol level and then they will get thrown into prison.

Apart from not getting thrown into prison, this tradition of ours has also got other advantages. it is like going on a short holiday where you get to do things like take photographs that don't have ugly walls as a background. Well I don't take the photos I just "walk and pose" like some bimbo.


Well in this case it is sit and pose..

See look at the pretty little orchids replacing the wall in most of my pictures. Once in a while it is nice to take a break from doing stupid things like reading and blogging and just take time to do cool un-bimbo-ish , un-stupid things like.....


*sniff sniff* Smell the flowers

Well of course not everybody appreciates these sweet-smelling beauties so they decide to do things like


Hit their head with a foam hammer...

Sometimes, you see things that are so magical and pretty that you can't help but to go there and take a picture..


Cheryl Anne on the Magical Bridge of hope and wonder.

Unfortunately, you can't stand on a bridge all day without dying of boredom but fortunately, you can still do magical stuff like...


Paddle-boating. A lot of you probably think I am too useless and too bimbo and too dumb to use a paddle-boat. And you'll probably imagine me being stuck in the middle of the lake standing on the boat and yelling for someone to help me. That happened a few times before but not this time. Because my legs are strong and yummy.


Thats proof that they are yummy. While the picture of me paddling the boat is proof that they are strong. Tatatata you have nothing to say anymore now that I have proof.

I not only can paddle-boat but I can cycle too..Unlike a certain friend of mine who is 14 years old and whose parents didn't expose her to bicycles when she was younger.

Ahhh I am so happy that my parents exposed me to bicycles.


I can ride a bicycle but you can't.. Jealous?? *shows the snobbish I am better than you face*

Oh oh oh wanna hear a story??

The person who rode the paddle-boat before Cheryl was wet so the chair became wet too. being too lazy to wait for it to dry, I decided to sit on the dry part and paddle. ( for those who donb't remember the boats)


So, Cheryl and her buddy, Bronwyn were paddle-ing merrily when suddenly, the evil Darren ( my brother) and Megan decided to crash into Cheryl

The water on the chair moves and wets Cheryl's pants. Not wanting to walk around with wet pants for the rest of the day, Cheryl decided to go to the gym hoping that the aircon would help to dry her wet pants.

Then suddenly, Cheryl thought of this really cool gadget that was available in the gym... Behold, The HAIRDRYER.

Cheryl takes the hairdryer and aims it at her buttocks. Then she turns on the power and hot air starts flowing out. Cheryl is very contnt and starts smiling.

Then all of a sudden, a stranger comes and starts staring at Cheryl as if she commited some offence.

Cheryl tells them " Oh.. I just wet my pants"

More strangers come in and so does the janitor.. Cheryl tells them the same thing.

~ 5 minutes later~

Cheryl : Mummy Mummy my pants are dry

Mummy : Oh

Uncle Meng leng : So you stood there and waited for it to dry??

Cheryl : No.. I used a hairdryer. A lot of people came to me and stared so I told them that I wet
my pants so they'd stop staring

Uncle Meng Leng : You know tha when you say you wet your pants it means you peed in your

Cheryl : Ooops * giggles*

~The End~

Eating dinner is fun. Eating new year's eve dinner is fun-er. Because, apart from the food, you are also supplied with toys to play with.


Peeep * covers ears with hands* Peep *covers ears with hands* ... Thats the sound produced when you blow those stuff


Pop. pop. pop. Thats the sound that would have been created if my fingers were stronger. Well actually there would only be one pop.


When I first saw these, I thought they were boring sticks. then I realised that it contained another magical stick inside that glowed. but thats not all


You can blow it like a flute


Or a horn


Or you can use it to do the 'toothbrush pose"


And thats how this stick became my new favourite toy!!

After a while of playing with toys, Cheryl decided that it was time to continue posing for pictures..


Look Look I am not kangkang-ing!! *claps hands*


I am going to walk into the pool and go for a midnight swim..

Well I did go for a midnight swim in the end but I had to change because my mother didn't want me to swim in my panties although there were other people doing it and my bra and panties were matching.

Mother : Why don't you take off your clothes and swim?

Cheryl : Oh Great idea. And my bra and panties are both red!!!

Mother : Shhhh!! Don't tell everybody. Go change if you want to swim.

Cheryl : I thought you said I can swim im my undergarments.

Mother : I was joking.

Sadly, Cheryl had to change. But she still loves her mother..


Thats all folks


Cheryl Anne

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