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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It's one helluva' city. (Part 1)



I'm sitting in an electrical hazard here. So many wires O.O with laptops fighting for one thing: INTERNET ACCESS. Ain't that the truth.

I do not want to go back to school. I hate school. HAHA. But Hill says it's important, so I'll attend for the sake of going to college and university and finally studying something I WANT TO WITHOUT BEING FORCED. (b-.-)b

Joyce is next to me now. HAHAHAHAHAHA. saying "NONONONONONONONO, don't type that!" XD

It's raining now, which might lead to a power failure. Sabah has a knack for power failures. Just last night, the power tripped. And a few nights ago, we suffered the same thing. Nevertheless, our BBQ party continued with the power of CANDLE LIGHTS!! :O ROFLLMAO.

I had the bestest Christmas present EVER this year!! No, Jarrod. It's not guitar hero. Though my aunty and uncle contributed funds towards it, because they couldn't find me a Christmas present. XD heh.

Anyway, guess before scrolling down PLS. (I mentioned it in one of my posts.)
.You're getting close. XD


Letters to a Young Sister :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

The book. Not the guy ah. XD

I remember being given the present and screaming: OMG!!! IT'S TEH BOOK!!! IT'S THAT BOOK!!! *kisses the wrapping paper and falls to the ground hugging it*

Then giving a littele speech of how I love the world. It went like this.


I'd recommend the book if you ever come across it. Hill Harper is the bestest. *Gives a big Hillified Hug* I still like Eddie la. BTW.

Today in the car ride to Kota Belud, we were discussing about my mum's cousin and how he's training to become a policeman. The topic diverted to "rasuah's"

I sorta joked that next time when I drive, I'm gonna pimp my ride with hidden camera's intended to catch policemen who try to ask for rasuahs. HAHAHA. Then I'll post it on youtube and anywhere else possible, so that the world can see how 'naughty' the cops have been. (I'll start using cops because it's easier for me.) You see these cops are shameless people. To put it frankly and avoid my long-windedness, this is what I'm gonna tell a cop the next time I get caught for speeding (which will happen XD FAST! FASTER!) and the bastard asks me for a bribe.

COP: Bayar sini atau bayar sana?

They'll probably saman me even more. But, screw it, at least I got to tell them what I wanna tell em'.


This was funny too. Well more like a moo point, so skip this part if you don't have time to read pls. Heh. Moo point. :D

Uncle: This house belongs to *insert name* That house belongs to *insert name*
Abi: -_- You've gotta be kiddin me, man. How do you know he lives there?
Uncle: It's a kampung. Everyone knows everyone. SO CLOSE THAT WHEN THERES A WEDDING, you can go up to your neighbour and ask whether he got invited.
Abi: WOW, that'll make life easier if you're planning an assasination attempt on someone.
Uncle: OMG. Your mentality is like a middle east or New York-ian.
Abi: Wtf...-_-

I'm gonna start signing off differently as Cheryl because I'm a different person. ROFLLMAO :D

ROFLLMAO DOODS, (I decided on this after the New Year's. Thank you.)

P.S. HAPPEH NEW YEAR!! I'm so not excited!!! :D

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Cheryl's New Year Resolution

Hello Sparkles

Sorry for the lack of posts. I have been busy doing Christmassy stuff and therefore I neglected my blog and semi-forgot how to use the computer.

Anyway, since the New Year is coming, I have decided to come up with a list of resolutions but first, let me tell you how the year 20o8 has been for me..

1. I made new friends

This is a big deal for me. Because some well actually most people think I am some mean unapproachable person or a psycho over smiley over hyper person just because of the way I walk and talk. So I usually get shunned by society just like my poor old buddy.....

Charlie The Unicorn.. I mean seriously look at that poor white unicorn getting bounced on. I feel so sad for him. * cry*

Anyway. I tried to be friendly and I actually made friends with some very magical and extremely pure hearted people.. Presenting the....

Hui Li Gang

2. I learnt how to blog

Did you know that my chatbox and link list were created by my good friend Christine Kuan?? Well, my computer skills have improved a bit. I know how to use blogger now. And I also learnt that by right-clicking a photo, you can save it to your computer or make it your background

3. I learnt that sitting the way I sit is BAD

Even if I am wearing pants or wearing a skirt that comes with a pair of built in shorts.

Credits to the KAYM people for teacing me this. In the bus and at houses they are always telling me to...

"close shop", sit properly, close my legs when I sit. Or some times they just say "Cheryl" then they hold their knees together.

Before (duduk terkangkang)............................

After (duduk tertutup)

Aren't you proud of me?? I know you are *winks*

Anyway.. on to my list of resolutions. I know you people are going to gossip about me saying ' Ahhhh Cheryl says that she is turning over a new leaf every two weeks and she always goes back to her old ways a day later"

Well resolutions and leaves are different. Whoever thinks they are similar is stupid.

resolution no. 1

I am not going to tell white lies or sugarcoat things just to make you feel good.. If I think your idea is stupid, I shall just say "that is stupid" I won't try to tell it to you nicely saying things like " Maybe we could do it this way instead of that way".I am going to be blunt and to the point when i tell people things. Just like Dr. House.

Because, by talking to you in long winded mode, I am wasting precious time.

resolution no.2

If I dislike you, I will not gossip about you and pretend to be nice to you when I see you. Because, people who do that are puss**s.

I have this friend who is always gossiping about how irritating, how annoying, how thick-skinned, how bitchy, how blablalba people are. And when she sees them, she hugs them and acts like nothing is wrong.

That is an example of 'what not to do'. And that friend is in my list of puss**s by the way.

resolution no. 3

I am going to be friendly to everyone. I won't discriminate against people who walk or talk in a certain way. Looks can be deceiving.

For example, I know someone who has a piercing and has long hair and drives recklessly and swares. Most people would think he is some evil person even if they don't know him.. Why is that???

Why should a persons apperance cloud your judgement?? This person is actually an enviromentalist who refusses plastic bags when he is at the shopping mall and likes going to Cameron Highlands so he can 'be one with nature'

The moral of the story is that you should judge people. So, I won't hate anyone unless they have done something to me.

Someone once wait no twice commented that I am very very judgemental. Honestly, I don't think I am judgemental at all. That person thinks I judge people because on day, I decided to try to convince a friend of mine to not eat french fries by saying "I am not going to eat fries like you people and become some fat pig". You see, this friend who I was trying to convince would grumble about her fats everyday and it was very annoying.

Speaking of fats, check this out....

Tadaaaa!!! * eyeburn*

Anyway, what does saying what I said have to do with being judgemental. Being judgemental is this.....

Yau comes to school and sees Christine on the first day. Christine looks like Christine (blur and slightly dead).


Yau automatically thinks she is some stupid Cina apek who doesn't talk.

Anyway, I will not judge people or animals next year

resolution no. 4

I am not going to walk out of my house unless I am fully clothed anymore unless it is an emergency like a fire or robbers attack while I am bathing or chickens invade my home while I am naked.

In fact, I am not even going to leave my room naked ever again and I shall close the door and the window when I am naked in my room.

resolution no. 5

I am going to try to save the planet from extinction by doing more than just not using plastic bags. I will...

- leave the curtains open during the day so I can save electricity by not having to use lights and using the beautiful bright and shiny sunlight instead.

Aaaah sunshine..*claps hands*

- use the fan instead of the aircon on rainy or windy days

- turn off the tap while I am brushing my teeth and putting soap on my body

- not wear clothes when I am in my room to save water used to wash clothes.

Thats all. I shall try my best to keep to my resolutions next year. In the meantime..

Happy New Year

Oooohhh Fireworks *excited face*

Cheryl Anne

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

They Say Chocolate Is Good For Your Soul.

Why, hell yes it is.

I found my camera wire...




while pigging out on chocolate.

You have no idea how happy I am. And to celebrate, a picture of Yau's brother that I promised her I'd upload. Heehee.

See the resemblance?? Taken during my sister's kindergarten concert, that Mallek didn't attend cause he was "malas la" :'D
Anyway, Yau and I were bored so we decided to bust it by playing with some make-up I had in my bag. Being the super nice cousin *coughcough* he is, he actually let us use his face. (big mistake there) :D
So we slapped on a hell lot of blusher and if you look closely lipgloss. We wanted to play with eyeshadow too, but he refused.

Decided to post this first, as my next post has quite a few pictures, too lazy to upload all. Hahaha.
So I got a tag from Joyce's blog. And I'm going to make you all suffer by tagging you. To be frank, I'm just bored!! :D

Name : Abigail
Nicknames : Abi, Bee, Gail (betcha' didn't know that one)
Name spelled backwards : LIAGIBA
Birthday : 11th December (I'll have a thank you post when I feel like it.)
Glasses or contacts :Glasses. (Yes I wear 'em. Don't be shocked next year :P)
Hair colour : Black
Hairstyle : Bob, slanted fringe

Brand name for clothes : I like staring at Esprit.
Brand name for shoes : ?
Candy : Sour Peach Rings :)
Colour : Orange. Anything else not PINK!! :P
Cookie : Chocolate Chip
Drink : Universal Solvent
Fast food places : MOS burger
Food : Rice
Ice-cream flavour : Sunset Sorbet? Anything sour really.
Subject in school : PJ, Science. (Cheryl, we forgot to take a picture of Aminah and Zee -_-")

Of all your friends
The best advisor : Cheryl Anne! (Pfft..haha, are you happy?)
The best hair : Rou En, Hui Li?
The best handwriting : Rou En (Mine is like chicken scratches)
The dirtiest mind : Mallek :O (Don't keel me, pls)
The funniest : Jarrod (?)
The prettiest : We're all pretty *strikes pose* :D
The loudest : Yau
The most trusting : No one~ ^-^
The nicest eyes : Can I include Eddie Cahill? He pwns them ALL!! :D
The shortest : We're all TALL! (excuses,excuses)
The smartest : OH EM GEE!! Siew Jun! (But I still live on Rou En's theory. We're all born smart, school makes us stupid. If you think about it, it actually makes sense. Well at least school's throughout our nation. We're all born smart, but in different ways. But school only judges us academically.) I mean have you seen our moral sheet? It friggin looks like this:

The highlighted bits are those you are supossed to cram into your head, FRIGGIN WORD BY WORD. One word wrong, your whole answer is wrong, don't friggin put your imbuhan's? Well you're gonna be fcukking wrong :D Gonna touch on this subject one day. *Jots down the topic*

The tallest
: Jeremy or Mallek or Christine? (EDDIE CAHILL!! beats 'em flat, noobs :'D)

Have you ever...
Been on stage : Yup.
Cheated on a test : Duh! I'm very bad, noe?
Gone to camp : Many, many times.
Keep a secret from anyone : Yeah, I'm very honest. :D
Stolen anything : No, how 'bout borrowing and not returning due to my blurness. Christine I have your pen.

The last...
Movie watched : 10 Promises To My Dog. (I'm a sucker for Japanese movies, I always cry.)
Called you : Yau bu yao, Pergi pulau,, makan kuey teow. :D
People who saw you cry : Refer to the random note, in my previous post. TV screen? Yes, I cry watching movies. YOU just don't see it.
Person you went to mall with : Dennisa, Yau, Cheryl, Christine and sista.
Thing you ate : Chocolate Bar (that's when I found my camera wire :3)
Thing you drank : Universal Solvent

If you could describe yourself in 3 words : IlikeEddieCahill (look 'ma one word :3)
What are some of your fav junk food : Friesfriesfries!!
What colour are your bedroom wall : Blue, going to be orange soon.
Whats your favourite thing thing to do during weekends : Breathe :D

Pass this on..
1. Everyone, who has not done this. I'll be watching you [evil laugh] >:D

P.S. I don't have Guitar Hero yet. But I will in teh Future!! :D Can't wait. NOMNOMNOMNOM.



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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Joo Ish Teh Life Of Teh Partay :D

Go crack it. Teehee.

I'm going on a blogging hiatus. THAT'S ME. NOT THE MAGNIFICENT CHERYL ANNE.

Why?? WHY??

I'm too busy playing my online games. And my PS2 is just about revived when I get my GUITAR HERO. [skips around] Let's all FROLIC~ so happy. I bet my PS2 is happy too.

Abi: I got Guitar Hero!!
PS2: OH EM GEE!! Play it on me, play play play!! :3 I feel so useless.
Abi: *blows off dust from PS2* -_- oh my...so much dust.

-Boots the PS2-

Abi: It didn't die on me. Wow, sure loads fast...
PS2: You didn't play me for more than 8 months, GODDAMMIT. I'm dry.

You probably won't get that conversation, but I do. So just bare with the stupidity of it :D

I LOST MY FRIGGIN CAMERA WIRE. Damn. I LOST IT. I have a really long post about random stuff that's completed before this. The sad thing is, it's like 99.999999999% completed. All the pictures are stuck in my camera. Pfft.

I'm watching tv, shows, dvd's etc. ranging from CSI:NY season 5, 90210, Desprate Housewives, Heroes (though it doesn't appeal to me?), ANTM, Friends (eddie cahill :D) , E-news, Kinship 2 to Jeff Corwin's bloopers, Mythbusters, random shows on Animal Planet and what nots.
...COUCH POTATO :D heehee. I'm also catching up on movies like by the bomb loads. (I support pirated stuff, because it's cheap. If you gave me an original at the same price, I'd most likely snag it and be an anti-pirated dvd's follower)

Guy: Where do you work?
Guyguy: Microsoft.
Guy: OH EM GEE!! Original.

You probably won't get this too. Go ask your parents if you don't know how Microsoft is related to original :'D

Sleeping. 'nuff said. I'm secretly a nocturnal. And PROUD of it, mind you, P-R-O-U-D of it. :D

Christmas shopping. Yes, I'm shopping for gifts. Its hard when everyone around you says: "Anything la" or "I don't know la". C'mon it's friggin CHRISTMAS!! DON'T YOU HAVE A WISHLIST LIKE YAU?? OR ME??

(Yau's wishlist)

Yau: I want a toaster :D
My mum: What for O.O
Yau: -_- To make toast...
My mum: Don't you have one?

-The next day-

Yau: Bee, don't buy me a toaster.
Abi: ?
Yau: Mother found one.
Abi: Hahahaahaaahaaa.
Yau's mom: We have a toaster, silly Hui Min. LOL.

(Abi's wishlist)

Yau: What do you want? You got Fruits Basket?
Abi: Ya.
Yau: Fag.
Abi: Wait, do me a favor and go to Borders and ask wheter they have a book entitled: Letters to a Young Sister by Hill Harper.
Yau: Kay.

-Next day-

Abi: Yau, its okay, they don't have it. I went and ask them.
Yau: -_- You always beat me to your books.
Abi: :'D Malaysian bookstores suck, cept' for Kinokuniya. That's a book heaven. Anyways I'm going to buy his book on Amazon. yay!

I'm gonna make your life easier. Buy me cash cards. They'll never run out of fashion in my books. :D

Going to Sabah. I go every year. OMG -_-" I need a change of atmosphere. Not that Sabah is bad or anything. It's actually really nice, but I at least want to spend Christmas in KL for once. The good thing is, my grandad's house has broadband now. Whoopee~ So I won't be computer deprived. And if his broadband doesn't work, I can just walk out to Starbucks.
I don't rely on the TV over there. It's funny, when I was a kid, I couldn't live without Disney Channel, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. And I'd hate going back because: NO ASTRO=NO CARTOONS. They have Astro with cartoons now, too bad I'm not fond of cartoons anymore and I want AXN, MTV, channel [V], E!, Star World. But noooooo, they don't have it there. -_-

I don't think you get it. I was just rambling and joking. Sabah is still nice. Cut to the point: Murphey's Law T.T

Random note: Sometimes I like to cry for no reason. After that I like to eat rice :3



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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cheryl Anne on Cheryl Anne

Hello, I am Cheryl Anne whats your name???

Ok you see I was so bored so I decided to post a post about the person I love most. Me!!

Ever since I took down the very long "about me" thinggy and replaced it with

I am Cheryl Anne.
I have Mad Cow disease and Borderline Personality Disorder
....and I think I am very smart

I just get the feeling that you readers don't know me well enough. so I decided to come up with a long post about myself to enlighten you on Cheryl Anne

I guess I'll start with the basic boring crap

Name : Cheryl Anne Lee May Lynn

But you can call me Cheryl for short. Oh and if you are telling someone about me or saying something about me, I'd appreciate it if you refer to me as Cheryl Anne

Date of Birth : 5th September 1994

Which makes me *counts with fingers* 14

Nationality : Malaysian

and proud of it. Oh but did I tell you thay I am actually a mix breed. My my
other is half Thai and a quarter Burmese and a quarter Chinese. My dad is full Chinese.

Now I shall just point out random stuff about Cheryl Anne..

- Talks way too much. I don't know why but Cheryl Anne just talks whens she is bored. She calls it jibber-jabbering.

- Thinks outside the box. Cheryl is very creative in the way she thinks. She comes up with the most unusual most impossible ideas BUT.. her ideas shockingly make sense.

I mean like she will come up with something that sounds really stupid but if you actually do some research she actually makes sense

- Gullible with a capital G. well some people call it noob

Gifford : You know if you say Chocolate really slowly, it sounds like gullible

Cheryl : Oooohh.. C...H...O...C...O...

People : *laugh*

Cheryl : Why are you laughing?? * opens eyes and looks up *

- Chicken Phobia. for those who don't know me, I am serious about this phobia. I cry if you try to touch me with a picture.

- Extremely Self Absorbed. Why do you even think I am posting about myself if I am not in love with myself. Let me give you an example of my self absorbedness. hmm?? Can't think of one but let me tell you that when I talk, I mostly talk about myself.

- I am a Not into Guys.

Please don't get me wrong. I am not a lesbian or something. I just don't go psycho or get extremely if a guy touches me or something and I don't really go around liking guys. Sometimes it may appear to you like I am interested in someone or something like that.

Here's the thing. When someone is interested in me, I just play along with them. But unlike my good friend Hui Min who doesn't confuse this game that we play with real feelings, I tend to confuse myself. So I get together with the person just to realise that I seriously hate the person.

Then I subconsciously use them or in your words "play with their feelings " until I am bored. Then I dump them in a gruesome manner. Ok Ok not gruesome. But in a stupid uncivilized manner something like this...

Cheryl Anne : Today is such a nice day. I am in a good mood

Madcow : I can see that

Cheryl Anne : Oh by the way, I woke up this morning and I realised I just

don't like you anymore. So we have to break up. Bye *waves

and smiles

Madcow : huh??

Cheryl Anne : *laughs*

I am not a mean person. It is subconscious. I am not aware when I so called "play with peoples feelings".

- Professional arguer. Every time I get into an argument with someone, the person always ends up crying. I can give you a list of my victims. No No I shall let victims announce that they are victims in my Chatbox. If they are brave enough.

- Doesn't get insulted/offended. I don't get insulted. I don't care what other people think.

- Will not give in to you unless you have a proper reason for me to do so. Seriously, why would I give in to you just because you "worked really hard for it" or "I beat you everytime" or something like that. for example. remember that post about my fight with Christine. Some of you probably think I am "bitchy" for wanting to claim my marks. Hello??? I was in the right.

To all people who think I am "bitchy"...

I would like you to personally e-mail me (cheryl_n94@hotmail.com) and give me ten reasons why you think I am a bitch. Excluding me slapping Tan Hei Zel. Jarrod slapped Yau before. Why don't we call him bitchy.

- I think I have this special talent. I can achieve something without much effort.

1. take a look at my studies (before they used this stupid gmp gta whatever method). I would get like 6th place and this is only because of moral or art or kh. I would be 2nd if not for those stupid subjects. And most of all, I don't have any tuition and don't pay attention in class.

2. I beat Abigail in the marathon. I got 6th she got 5th. Abigail has been running since primary school while I only started like a month before the marathon. The whole time during the marathon, I was singing the "oyoyoy" song and laughing and talking while my good friend was being focused and serious ,trying to win.

3. I got into the school choir (I might get kicked out). I auditioned just so I could skip class while the Hui Li gang (Rou En, Siew Jun, Hui Li, Soo Yin and Twins) auditioned because they were serious about singing. Only the twins got in while the others didn't. And on top of that, they warmed up and practiced prior to the audition.

** Dear people mentioned above, Do Not get angry and Please don't throw lawsuits at me or go aroung telling people that I am ...whats that word that you brainless people use again?? oh ya Bitchy. **

- Not trustable..You shouldn't listen to me especially when I am angry. What I say is 98% crap 2% truth..for example

Cheryl : Ooooh the paper is blue. What a lovely color. I think blue is my new favourite color

Cheryl : Wait wait I hate blue. Pink is my favourite

At the moment, Red is my favourite.

Just hear those sleigh bells jingling

ring ting tingling too

come on its lovely weather for a
sleigh ride together with you

Outside the snow is falling and

friends are calling Yoohoo

Come on its lovely weather for a

sleigh ride together with you

- Tends to break out into song randomly. Usually Christmas songs or tv advertistments.

- Can sing the whole twist and trim song.

1234, come on everyone

Turn right and say hi hi

turn left and say bye bye

Just twist up and down and trim your waist down

twist twist twist twist.

twist twist twist

and trim

Just do the cardio twist with Osim

Anytime anywhere just twist

- Doesn't intend to get married. Which means I'll never have sex because sex before marriage is against my religion. Hmm?? since I am not getting married, Maybe I can be a nun..

Or maybe I can become the first female Pope in history.

Just try to imagine a pope with long hair and boobs.

Well, I think thats all you need to know about me.

Oh Oh you know that picture of me up there, thats me trying to do the fishball eye look aka doe eye look. The one that the Olsen twins like to do.

Cheryl Anne

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