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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Speaking of Sweetness

After that whole post on the Giant Cupcake, I got obsessed with sweet stuff and now I wanna eat pavlova. Ironically, when I'm in Aussie, I crave Roti Canai. But now that I'm in KL, I want my Pavlova...

Thank Goodness for the frozen Roti Canai I get in Australia and restaurants like Delicious which satisfy my pavlova craving when I'm in Malaysia.

My delicious Chocolate Pavlova...Mmm This is the type which is crunchy.. When you bite it, gazillions of tiny meringue particles explode in your mouth, filling it with sweet sugary goodness and a bit of fresh cream

And of course, my Roti Canai.. I know it says paratha but it tastes the same..

Oh That's just my attempt to make Pavlova.. Actually, I think I kind of succeeded. It is a different type of pavlova though. This one has a soft fluffy marshmallow-ish centre encased by a sweet crunchy shell.. Oh an I left the leaves on the strawberries to add more colour to it and make it look prettier.. Actually, I just eat the green stuff because I just can't be bothered to pull em' of.. Just think of it as grass or vegetables.

Now you can see it's innards.. I know it says Sarah Cooks but thats just because my aunty took a picture of it and put it on her blog so it has her marking..

Ok. I'm gonna eat now because all this food is making my tummy rumble..

Cheryl Anne

By the way, who wants to eat Roti Canai..or Pavlova with me??? Because I need a makan buddy

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